QOTD: Day Drinking – How To Do It Right?

“I am day drunk with the people I don’t care about,” I complained once to my friend who lives far away. He said it would be a good sentence to start a novel. There’s a very important lesson to be learned here. It’s so much more fun to drink with people you care about. It leads to adventures, to fun, to life long memories.

But back to the day drinking. There’s nothing better for me than to start Saturday with the meal that you can eat outside, in your backyard. This must, and I cannot stress it enough, must be accompanied by Prosecco, or Cava, or real Champagne if you feel especially fancy. If you are not too lazy, it’s nice to make your own Sangria. You have your meal, drink your bubbly, read your papers and your life is perfect.

However, in our house 1 bottle is never enough. We always have to open the second one. After it’s finished you are faced with a dilemma – continue drinking or have a break till the early dinner when you can safely continue with your night drinking.

In my young days I would have continued drinking till the time to go out for dinner. Lately I realized I need to take a nap, so that I can wake up not yet totally sober but absolutely presentable to go out for dinner and continue my Saturday.

I assume half of you are day drunk or working on it by now. How do you do it?


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