PhotoPhriday: Self-Portrait with Alcohol

It’s been a long hard week, what with the Olympics, Mars, pastrami-guacamole sandwiches, women with six pack abs, black socks at the gym and cats.  It’s all over now, but one thing’s certain: you need a drink. Or several. So relax. Take a load off. Pour yourself one and let that warm feeling wash over you as you take those first perfect sips. Let that first drink work it’s magic and make all the no-good bad things start to disappear. And when you’re ready for a second one, get your camera, because PhotoPhriday needs you.

This week is simple. You and your drink. Self-portrait with alcohol. If you’re not the boozy type, then self-portrait with anything else you’d like: soda, coffee, tea, water, your cat…it’s up to you. And if you’re not the self-portrait type, go with Still Life with Alcohol (or non-alcohol).

So drink yourselves silly, and don’t let me down.

Thanks to Alluson for the idea, and for her pic, taken from PhotoPhriday a few weeks ago.

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Now pay attention: I can always use ideas for PhotoPhriday. If you’ve got something you’d like to see, email me at [email protected]

Image source: Alluson

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