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A Response to Marco Rubio’s… Response

marco rubioHey Marco – Saw your State of the Union response last night, and I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re a jackass. I hope you’re not too insulted, because I find most Republicans to be utter jackasses.

For starters, I get it that it’s the holy grail of the modern day conservatism to oppose taxes and more government spending, but when you said that it’s an “old idea that has failed every time its been tried,” you really meant to have a giant fucking asterisk there, right? I missed whether you held up the asterisk card during your speech, but when you said “every time” I’m assuming  you really meant “every time but all those times we did invest in the American people and holy shitballs! It worked out pretty great!” You know, like the $51 billion going to help Northeastern residents rebuild their homes and businesses, repair roads, boardwalks, storefronts, sidewalks, beaches, highways, bridges, school buildings, nursing homes, and literally put their towns back together. That’s probably not going to fail, right? Or how about oh – let’s just say for starts, the GI Bill, which has let thousands and thousands of returning veterans to obtain an education, a mortgage, and a home? We won’t even get into agricultural subsidies today, bud. Continue reading

Microsoft Nails It With a Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

Microsoft posted a new advertisement promoting Internet Explorer, and for any twenty-something growing up in the nineties, it’s an almost-sniffle-inducing trip down memory lane. Slap bracelets, ying yangs, pogs (what WERE those?), Hungry Hungry Hippos, Air Jordans, light up sneakers, Tamogotchis (why did you run away, little friend, every time?) and my personal favorite – the bowl hair cut. My brother rocked a bowl hair cut from about 5th to 10th grade. I’ll never forget the day when he changed to the “new” stylish haircut of the boy band inspired spikey gel look of the 2000’s. Continue reading

Seventh Circuit Finds Illinois ‘Concealed Carry’ Ban Unconstitutional

In an opinion by Judge Posner (he of the “let’s sell our organs and babies!” camp and probable #1 reason why he’ll never be on the US Supreme Court), the 7th Circuit yesterday released an opinion invalidating Illinois’s law forbidding a person from carrying a loaded gun in public, finding Illinois’s complete ban on concealed-carry permits to be unconstitutional under the 2nd Amendment.  Continue reading

Google Glass Is Pretty Much the Coolest Thing Ever

Above is the video from Diane von Furstenberg’s runway show during New York Fashion Week, created with Google’s Google Glass glasses (goggles?). Shot entirely by amateurs – the amateur cinematographers being models, makeup artists, and Diane von Furstenberg herself wearing Google Glass and going about their business, the DVF video gives us the first look at Google Glass in action. Continue reading

Democratic National Convention Open Thread

Gosh, y’all, did you watch last night? Did you see ‘ol Bill knock that one out of the park? Barely a word from the fact checkers and that, Paul Ryan, is how it’s done. William, you can show me your stimulus package anytime you want, big boy. (I said William, not Willard. Settle down there, Mr. Romney. We know you don’t have one.) Continue reading