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¡Feliz Dia de la Independencia!

I’ve never been a history buff. I could try and explain the Mexican Revolution as I know it, but the fact is that I don’t know it at all. I am, however, sure of two things: Independence Day is not Cinco de Mayo (that commemorates a small but important battle fought in Puebla and isn’t celebrated anywhere in Mexico but Puebla), and the actual day of Independence here is the 16th of September. I also know that this town, San Miguel de Allende, played a significant role. So with the help of my friend the internet, this is what I can tell you: Continue reading

PhotoPhriday: Show Us Your Euphemism

While I think it has taken time for many of us to swallow all the information offered in yesterday’s OT re: deep exploration of certain activities “down there,” tonight seems like the perfect time to push harder and thrust ourselves into a pictorial climax of sexual innuendo.

Your assignment is simple: go get Freudian and find the phallic and the yonic (yes, yonic, thank god for Google) in your home, office, yard or town and post the pictures here. If you’re too inhibited to expose your own personal euphemisms, feel free to scour the internets: there’s a world of wood and fur and pointy things out there just waiting for you to dive into (or onto, depending on your persuasion).

And when you’re done, don’t forget to wash your dirty little hands. Continue reading