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Thanksgiving Corkucopia

Ditch your bottle of Cabernet and oaky, buttery Chardonnay for Thanksgiving. Most do not have the proper acidity for Thanksgiving feasting. Trying to find wines that that please a variety of palates that marry well with the broad array of foods at a typical Thanksgiving table sounds like a challenge. I’m here to make it easier, but you will probably need to open your mind to other varietals. Continue reading

Photo Phriday: Getting Your Drank On

this is some great hoochIt has been entirely way too long since we had a Photo Phriday. This one is about one of our favorite subjects – adult beverages. Take a quick picture of what you are or will be enjoying and share it with the group.

I’m tapering off my detox so I will be enjoying some vino this evening. As a special treat to celebrate, I’m going to have a glass of this after my last car pool drop off at 8:30pm this evening. Probably pick up some cheese to go with it too.

So now it is your turn. Let’s see what you will be quaffing this fine Phriday evening. Continue reading

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by Drinking Irish Wine

I don’t like beer. I haven’t liked it since 1985 when I was drinking Budweiser products at the basement of the Sigma Chi house at UW:Madison. It isn’t snobbery, I’m just not a fan of the taste. I’ve struggled over the years to properly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without drinking Guinness, Harp or the gawdawful green beer. Then I met my husband and everything changed.

My husband’s ancestors are known as ‘Wine Geese.”  What are Wine Geese? Well it comes from Wild Geese, which refers to exodus of Irish soldiers to France at the end of the 1600’s following the Willamite-Jacobite war. The damn Catholics and Protestants always fighting. Catholics were forced to skip town. Wine Geese refers to Irish emigrants who became involved in the wine trade in other countries. Continue reading