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If Progressive Caucus’ ‘Back to Work Budget’ Gets Ignored, Does it Even Exist?

While my NPR station was blathering on about fake Serious Person Paul Ryan and his masturbatory homage to Ayn Rand and the slightly more realistic budget coming from Sen. Patty Murray and Senate Democrats, the House Progressive Caucus quietly (in media terms) released its Back to Work Budget this week.

Contained within is a whole host of liberal red meat: Tax increases on the wealthy! Infrastructure investments! Investment income taxed like wage income! Initiatives to target climate change! It also has a healthy dose of unintended irony.

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Paul Ryan Outed as an Opportunistic Jerk… Again

Urgh. It really doesn’t get much worse than this, folks. This is one of those things that’s just so debased and boneheaded you really have to wonder what the thought process was. Early yesterday pictures circulated of Vice President Nominee, Paul Ryan, and his family, washing dishes at a soup kitchen in northeastern Ohio. Late yesterday the head of the charity confirmed the rumor that it was all a lie, and Ryan “did nothing” while there. Continue reading

Battle of the Running Mates

A week after Willard Romney overclocked his untruth modules and scampered energetically around the sleeping President during the debate in Denver, the two vice-presidential candidates met for a debate in the pleasantly whisky-scented auditorium at Yokelburg State College in Kentucky. Vice President Joe Biden’s goal was to stop weeping Democrats from jumping off of ledges. “Atlas Shrugs” cosplayer Paul Ryan wanted to show everybody he was all growed up. Continue reading

10 Things We Need Joe Biden to Do in Tonight’s Debate

Did you ever think it would come down to Joe Biden? For a second time, the Vice Presidential debates featuring Joe Biden is sure to be one of the most watched Vice Presidential debates in history. And this time instead of a silly governor from Alaska, Biden is up against a workout enthusiast, marathon-lying, interview question-evading wonk from the Beltway. That’s okay. We’re ready. Here are a few things we want Joe to be aware of though.  Continue reading

Paul Ryan Continues to Show the “Grace” and “Maturity” He’s Known For

Oh, we’re just joking. He shows neither of those things.

Paul Ryan got a bit testy and snotty today when a local reporter of Flint, Michigan’s ABC12 deigned ask him about gun control and tax cuts as a follow-up question as it related to supporting community programs and charities to in Ryan’s words, “Help people in inner cities have more opportunities so they won’t resort to gun violence.” We would also like to tell Paul that inner cities aren’t the only places where there is gun violence. Continue reading

Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech Was Full of Lies, Smarmy Antics

Urgh. It’s not really surprising that a speech made to gin up the base and appeal to swing voters would be so full of holes you could drive one of Ann Romney’s Cadillacs through it. The real question is in going forth in this manner, how stupid does this guy think America is? Pretty stupid from the looks of it — or perhaps more to the point– he doesn’t really care what you think. Continue reading

The G-OPP and The Radical Right’s Overton Window Push on Abortion

It’s no secret that the self-proclaimed Party of Liberty seems to take great interest these days in what happens in the realm of OPP-Other People’s (insert your usage for P here, we’ll go with ‘Pants’ in the name of decency). Whether it’s their stance on DADT, gay marriage or a women’s right to choose, the modern Republican Party really, really needs to know what’s going on down there, and put a hard stop to it if said goings-on fail their purity tests. Continue reading