The Memeing of Paul Ryan’s Most Awesome Workout Ever! Has Begun

Well, that took no time at all. We asked for it, and we got it. Paul Ryan’s douchiest ever pics showcasing him in full blown backwards hat-punchable face regalia have left a comic stain on the Internet that will haunt him forever. Hopefully. 

BuzzFeed, that wonderful little listicle kaleidoscope of win, has heeded our call for a meme generator to service the irresistibly memeable Time magazine photos of Paul Ryan decked out in his workout wear finery complete with shit-eating grin, frat boy/bro hat, and super ridiculous poses that no non-narcissistic asshat would ever make. It was like a meme storm waiting to happen. We’re just glad someone obliged before 2pm.

There are pics of Ryan celebrating Christmas with his biceps, surrounded by lots and lots of lasers with his biceps, on vacation – just he and his biceps, and several other great poses none more ludicrous than the original! To ratchet up the fun quotient, loyal commenters of BuzzFeed have joined in with the use of PicMixer. They’ve added Ryan to a group of Fraggles, to the poster of Broke Back Mountain, and well, as you can imagine, McKayla is just unimpressed.

So post your favorites, or if you have any ideas, create a pic and post it in the comments, or just tell us why Paul Ryan is really a walking meme anyway. It’s a free-for-all! Do your worst! Let’s Ride!


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