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Which of Your Favorite TV Shows Won’t Be Back Next Season?

Ahead of next week’s Upfronts presentations where all will be revealed with regard to next season’s television programming, here’s a little list of what’s already been canceled, renewed, and “on the bubble” as we and trusty TV By the Numbers see it. We’re not going to worry with all those silly Summer shows that may not make it onto the real Fall season roster. So all you fans of Mistresses, you’ll just have to wait for whatever it is the networks do with summer shows. Which seems to be quietly put them out to pasture right before everyone wonders where they store Alyssa Milano for the rest of the year. Continue reading

If Progressive Caucus’ ‘Back to Work Budget’ Gets Ignored, Does it Even Exist?

While my NPR station was blathering on about fake Serious Person Paul Ryan and his masturbatory homage to Ayn Rand and the slightly more realistic budget coming from Sen. Patty Murray and Senate Democrats, the House Progressive Caucus quietly (in media terms) released its Back to Work Budget this week.

Contained within is a whole host of liberal red meat: Tax increases on the wealthy! Infrastructure investments! Investment income taxed like wage income! Initiatives to target climate change! It also has a healthy dose of unintended irony.

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666 Park Avenue is Just Plain Horrible at Horror and Why Network Dramas Have A Lot to Learn

Do you have a television class system? This would be a system delineating which shows you watch, and in what sequence, as well as how you categorize everything else? For some of us there are the shows we watch religiously as they air, and others we may want to “hold” for a variety of reasons. Maybe it conflicts with a more coveted show airing at the same time slot, or the show seemed a bit “iffy” to start with, or the premise was interesting, but the execution seems baffling. Those may fall into the “DVR Doldrums,” an entry on your DVR that you’ve forgotten about, that’s just sitting there, once reaching some measure of status in your viewing world, but now left to be viewed on a Sunday afternoon while you fold socks.

This is what 666 Park Avenue has become. Continue reading

ABC Producer Elan Gale Live-Tweets a Blind Date

Have you guys ever heard of Elan Gale? I hadn’t either, but his Twitter bio says he produces The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Bachelor Pad, and he has a blue check mark next to his name so he must be important. Still not ringing a bell? It’s okay. All you really need to know is he live-tweeted a blind date, and it was hilarious. Witness the madness below.

Update: The entire thing was fake. Continue reading

A Solid B+ for that “B” in Apartment 23

Well, if you didn’t know by now, quirky, uninhibited, “it” girls are the next best thing on television since Elaine Benes did her legendary spastic jig in a pantsuit. Yes, the lady who isn’t afraid to be smart and sassy, or to put it in more robust terms, a true “bitch” unapologetically, or a downright dweeby dork without fear of exposure — this is the 2012 female lead on television, and the women of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 are no exception. Continue reading

The 2012 Television Pilot Season: ABC to Save Mandy Moore

What will you be watching this fall? Perhaps you’ll tune into the network that made Sofia Vergara a household name, and by household name we mean in every commercial released within the last year, or so it seems. Modern Family and its continued reign in comedy aside, with the release of the potential 2012-2013 pilot season, ABC is hoping to cash in on fish out of water themes, families, the 99%, and stories that take place in hotels and apartment buildings. Did Donald Trump make a move that we don’t know about? ABC has also undoubtedly decided that they’re more than a network full of irascible families and BFF’s, they’ve got Mandy Moore. Continue reading

American Horror Story Draws Biggest Premiere Ratings in FX’s History

Is horror now the safest bet in television? By all accounts, American Horror Story is a hot mess: it’s glaringly derivative; the writing and editing seems to have been done by someone in desperate need of Adderall. The performances tend to fall on the hammy side, yet taken as a whole, the show is irresistibly entertaining. Continue reading