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National Crisis Averted: Miami Heat Lose the NBA Finals

Happy Deriving Pleasure in Millionaires’ Failures Day! I’m sure all of you are drinking your finest German beers and listening to David Hasselhoff records. There are parades and explosions and balloons everywhere.

A few jokes to get the festivities going:

Q: Why did LeBron James skip college?

A: Because he didn’t want to go to the finals

I asked LeBron for change for a dollar and he only gave me three quarters. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap: Honor Thy Family

So it has come to this. Decisions will be made. Do you honor thy family, or do you complete your duty to the realm? These are the questions that haunt the men and women of Westeros and the outlying areas. There is much at stake, and one false move will topple all the pieces set in motion, and there is no going back. So what do you do?

Who is it that you are really living for? Continue reading

The Lost Art of the Prank Call

Definitely not a job offer

I was awoken at 3:45am this morning by a prank call. It would usually be work calling and I should have answered it except that I’m not on call. Since I didn’t recognize the number calling it was probably some off shore developer that really thought his issue was urgent. I didn’t answer it thinking that if it was important they would call back. They did not.

I awoke this morning to the guilt of knowing I had let some poor Argentinian, Brazilian or Manilan person down. I checked my Google Voice for the transcription. I wasn’t expecting much since they probably left the message in poorly pronounced English. (that is still far superior to my Hindi) Indeed the transcript was useless. Continue reading

Crasstalk Book Club: Discussing Ethan Brown’s Shake the Devil Off

Sorry about the brief delay in the discussion post! Hopefully this gave those of you who waited until Friday night to open the book (I know who you are) time to finish.

On that note, I would much rather have been writing this post than hard-restraining tornado refugee pit bulls for fourteen hours on a weekend. So if you’d like to help me get my posts done on time in the future, donate to the ASPCA or HSUS.

So. Shake the Devil Off. Did you find it uplifting? A story of triumph over adversity? If you did, give it a quick re-read. But though it wasn’t the feel-good book of the year, hopefully you appreciated the book. And if you didn’t, hopefully you want to tell everyone why.

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