QOTD: Gym Rat or the Great Outdoors?

It’s Monday and you ate and drank your way through the weekend (again).

You need to work off all those extra calories you consumed with the 12-pack of Corona and Jack in the Box at 2 a.m. Where do you head to unshame yourself: to the gym or outside? We know Monday is hell at the gym, there are lines on every cardio machine and that crazy lady who never follows the instructor in your step class will be there. The “ladies” at the yoga studio will be giving you the stink-eye because they drank water and ate air all weekend. It’s also hot and muggy and miserable outside and your pepper spray/Taser fell out of your purse at the club. BUT YOU MUST DO SOMETHING, YOU LAZY MAGGOT!

So where do you like to do it:  inside or outside?

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