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QOTD: Which Big Movies Have You Not Seen?

Hey, this is Crasstalk’s 8000th post!

Dogs hasn’t seen Frozen. Haysi hasn’t seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any of the Toy Story films except the original, nor Godfather III. I’ve definitely not seen Robot Punch Monster, but at least I’m not alone there. What are some of the cinematic hits or cultural touchstones that “everyone” has seen except you? Continue reading

Anniversary QOTD: What Are Your Favorite Crasstalk Moments?

So many great moments! From Bots’ night out with 4Loko, to Chris’s housekeeper’s candy sampling, to 400-comment Funderdomes, to the Atlanta meet-up with the cat circus, you people have brought the funny and the poignant, both online and IRL, for some 3 years now. Which moments have been your favorites? Continue reading

Happy Crassiversary Open Thread!

Well, well, well. Three years ago DJ Juicy Joey (née Meat Commission), started this blog holding that these truths are self-evident, that all of the internet’s food whores, cat ladies, drunkards, and gif lovers deserved their own place to complain about their boss. So Crasstalk was born. Today we celebrate our great writing, our vigorous conversation, and the fact that I have only lemon partied you guys once. Continue reading