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Project Runway Season 9: Oliver Must Die

An autumn chill crept into the Parsons building as Heidi strutted down the runway in a black frock, telling the designers that while there are only eight sewtestants left, a show at Fashion Week is far from guaranteed for any of them. Schadenfreude, Heidi, is it your middle name? As always, there are spoilers inside, so click, click, click at your own risk! Continue reading

National Crisis Averted: Miami Heat Lose the NBA Finals

Happy Deriving Pleasure in Millionaires’ Failures Day! I’m sure all of you are drinking your finest German beers and listening to David Hasselhoff records. There are parades and explosions and balloons everywhere.

A few jokes to get the festivities going:

Q: Why did LeBron James skip college?

A: Because he didn’t want to go to the finals

I asked LeBron for change for a dollar and he only gave me three quarters. Continue reading