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Crassercise: Five Songs For The Gym

Hey kids. Celebrate good times ’cause it has been the longest-ass short week everrrr. I know you are all asking yourself, why the FUCK do I have to get up this morning it’s Sa……..NO ….*big sulk*. Get your lazy ass up and get out there and go do some 30-minute miles (or whatever they say). Here is some inspiration for you to get out there. NOW GO!!!

AND WHEN YOU COME BACK POST SOME OF YOUR OWN DAMN SONGS. *Pleeeeeease* pretty pink wink!!! Do I need to offer um, favors? Here is what is moving me this week: Continue reading

Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

¡Buenas días, chicos! Here are another five videos for your booty-shaking workouts. This week we’re going to float you some songs for your zumba routine, perfect for toning up and brushing up on your Spanish. Because we’re all about multi-tasking at Crassercise. So let’s get to it while YouTube hasn’t monetized this column out of existence. Also, as always please post your own favorite gym songs. People want your recommendations! ¡Muévanse! Continue reading

Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

Welcome to the pumpin’ iron edition of our song journey. Don’t worry, I am NOT posting “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Here are a few steely-sounding songs that are a little – ok, a lot – harder-edged for the weights crowd. As always, please post your own suggestions, especially if you like metal. This entire post WAS an excuse to post the Skinny Puppy video which, after you get past the chainsaw-like assault, is quite a very lovely pop dance song and I FLOVE it at the gym (but usually for the elliptical). Continue reading

Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

Mornin’, kids. We’re back with another installment of songs to shake yo’ booty to. This time we’re going to be a little beat-focused for those of you who want to do some dancing around while you’re cleaning your house or want to add some extra pizzazz to your walking routine so pick some ya like and head on out! As always, my taste isn’t your taste so add your own in the comments! Continue reading

Crassercise: Five Songs For the Gym


Hola todos! Welcome to the inaugural edition of music suggestions for the gym. It’s a new year and a new fabulous you. Let’s celebrate by kicking out the tunes. Of course you are welcome to recommend the hot jamz you are listening to. In fact, I insist. I have my own taste in music and you have yours. I tend to go towards indie/hip hop/weird eclectic international stuff but I like a good song, so please share yours with us! Continue reading

The Mindless Brutes of Any Gym, USA

I would divide my body weight into three life sections:

Years 0 – 4: Typical skin and bones Indian girl
Years 4 – 18: Oh look, I found sugar. Sad owner of Lane Bryant catalogs.
Years 18 – present: Healthy alterations between very fit, fit, and “eh.”

For the past eight years, I have been an avid gym buff. My workouts are both thorough and well calculated, and I easily spend 10 hours a week, every week, burning the sugary calories I so happily consume. I am no stranger to cardio equipment, stretch mats, swimming pools, and yes, the weight room. Yet in my time at the five gyms to which I’ve belonged, I’ve found that as a woman, it takes a stoic attitude to command the respect from men that any patron (let alone a regular one) ought to automatically be given. In the gym, I have heard more than my fair share of sexist comments from men about women, despite the fact that mindless brutes of Any Gym, USA prove to be the most pathetic example of possible patrons.

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