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How and Why to Plank for Fitness

plankingI briefly attended a fitness class whose instructor would shout that out. She was a delightful instructor. Positive. Fun. Upbeat. Students loved her. Unfortunately, I took that class when I wasn’t yet ready to give myself a chance. See, I couldn’t get the routine down in 3 classes and I hadn’t lost any weight in that same week, so I gave up on myself and was no longer showing her my plank. Continue reading

Super Squats Challenge

Only 15 days left! Can she do it? My trainer, in very hushed tones, asked me where I thought things went wrong with this goal. HVDY?, was my initial response. After all, at the time that he asked, there were still 20 days left in the challenge. Truth is, however, that after nine weeks, I still haven’t reached the halfway point of my trip – womp womp. Continue reading

The Solitude and Pain of an Early Morning Run for a Non-Runner

800px-Harlem_MeerMy alarm goes off at 5 AM, but lately I’m already awake to dismiss it. I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but I love solitude and on the streets of New York, if you want to run mostly alone, you have rise before the sun.

I sleep in two stubby, curly pigtails so I can just slip on a headband, my uniform of cropped microfiber pants, one of my beloved and now-discontinued Duck sports bras, t-shirt, fleece, and ugly but sublime-feeling New Balances. I keep a mug of cold coffee by my bed that I down like medicine, before grabbing my phone, Metrocard and head out the door. Continue reading

Super Squats Challenge

When I started this year’s challenge, life was cruising along just fine. I had it set that I would do a Super Squats post every Wednesday to guide other eager participants through the first six months of the year with a series of core exercises evolving from the plank position. Then life happened. I suffered a terrible and sudden death in my family that threw everything into chaos where it largely remains three weeks later. I have difficulty expressing myself with more frequency and my inability to find laughter in normally humorous things is troubling (though some would argue that I have always struggled with humor). The odd thing is that when trapped in the sad house, surrounded by the stunned and grieving family and friends, my sister and I were able to do one thing to help keep our sanity – we did plank. Continue reading

Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

¡Buenas días, chicos! Here are another five videos for your booty-shaking workouts. This week we’re going to float you some songs for your zumba routine, perfect for toning up and brushing up on your Spanish. Because we’re all about multi-tasking at Crassercise. So let’s get to it while YouTube hasn’t monetized this column out of existence. Also, as always please post your own favorite gym songs. People want your recommendations! ¡Muévanse! Continue reading

Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

Welcome to the pumpin’ iron edition of our song journey. Don’t worry, I am NOT posting “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Here are a few steely-sounding songs that are a little – ok, a lot – harder-edged for the weights crowd. As always, please post your own suggestions, especially if you like metal. This entire post WAS an excuse to post the Skinny Puppy video which, after you get past the chainsaw-like assault, is quite a very lovely pop dance song and I FLOVE it at the gym (but usually for the elliptical). Continue reading