The Blerg and Biz Blove Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to The Blerg and Biz Blove Blog where Biz Monkie and I will share our Tinder dating stories. Both the good and the bad and maybe even the in between. Today we’ll start with an introduction of ourselves and then get to the good stuff in the coming days.

Name: MattBlerg

Age: 31
Likes: Guys

Looking for: Not just a one-time hook-up, but maybe not a boyfriend either. At least not right now. If a decent guy came along, I might change my tune.

Last relationship: The Olde for about a year in 2012.

Other sites used: Active profiles? OkCupid, but previously I have used eHarmony, Match and Plenty of Fish (before they redesigned their website, talk about an awful user interface).

Why online dating? I don’t know if this is sad or what, but I’ve been doing online dating for nearly 10 years. I started with eHarmony because I thought I wanted a serious relationship and that seemed like the way to go. I did meet a guy and we had a long-distance thing for nearly 3 years.
I don’t know what kind of vibe I put off in real life, but I haven’t had any success with the “oh we’re in the same group of friends” situation that others have had. And only recently have I met someone at the bar. With online dating, and especially Tinder, there’s a whole group a people that I’m being “introduced” to that I would never meet in real life.

How long have you been on Tinder? I went out with a friend and a few of her friends in early 2014 and a gay guy in the group suggested I sign up for it (I bet if a straight guy told me that I would have thought he was a creep). So I did. I had little success (well, depending on how you define success), and I needed room on my phone, so I deleted it. I re-installed right before Mardi Gras. Well, because Mardi Gras.

Last swipe: Saturday evening, I think. I got a few matches. Talked to two of them before the stopped responding and then unmatched me. Jerks.


Name: Biz Monkie

Age: 31
Likes: Women. Hewmon Females, if you’re a Ferengi.

Looking for: Getting husbanded up. A long term relationship with the prospect of marriage a few years later.
Last relationship: The last Facebook-official relationship I was in predated Facebook, if that tells you anything.

Other sites used: OKCupid. Previously used: Match, PlentyOfFish (what an awful site), eHarmony, Craigslist (before it was completely overrun by spambots and escorts; it was just 3/4ths spambots and escorts back then).

Why online dating? I first started using online dating after I graduated from college. I was living in a new city, didn’t really know anyone, and wanted to meet people. Over the next four years I moved to a new city once a year until finally settling back home in Indianapolis for five years, and recently moved back to Chicago, which made forming long term relationships difficult. When I was in Indy I would go out with a group of friends, but they eventually found girlfriends who later became fiance’s and wives, and I ended up being the last single guy in the group. So, back to the internet I went.
How long have you been on Tinder? I signed up on Tinder months ago just to check it out, but seriously started using it a few weeks ago. At first I was just swiping right on profiles I liked, but eventually realized that that’s the sucker’s way of using Tinder, so I started swiping right on everybody.

Last swipe: Sunday evening. No matches.*sadface*

And now you know us. Tune in next time when we start with the good stuff.

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