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Proven Steps to Become Upwardly Mobile

moneyThe nice folks over at Mint have put together an infographic showing some data driven ways that people can climb the socio-economic ladder.

Since pictures are complicated I’ve distilled down for you are the things you can do right now to make sure your children are statistically more likely to better off than you are.

It’s science so this is foolproof.

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Singlism Is Real and I Have Experienced it

I am single. In fact, I’ve been single my entire professional career. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that being discriminated against for being single in the professional world has a name, and some academic backing: singlism.

Some will say it’s a myth, that it’s just another symptom of a generation of workers that feels entitled to everything. I know better, because I’ve experienced it first-hand. Continue reading

Blue Ivy Probably The Least Happy About Kate and Will’s Happy News

(William brushing the dirt off? Lulz) Oh, sure she is. There’s got to be some way to inject some Americanism into the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a little monarch, right? There’s probably no better way than to submit that America’s little bundles of baby pseudo-monarchy are probably giving this whole Royal Baby nonsense the empirical side eye that it rightly deserves, yes? Yes. Continue reading

The Power Is Out. What Do I Do With the Children?

Cross posted from Crassparenting. Please feel free to add booze to make these grownup games. Thanks, BBQ.

Power outages and children at home can quickly lead to panic. I live in Colorado and every once in a while, we get a blizzard that traps us for a few days. The first several hours can be fun, but the novelty wears off FAST.

If the power is out for several days, you will have to come up with something good to avoid a Shining sort of situation. I have some ideas of my own to occupy the kids. I will post options as fast as I can. Continue reading

Can Men Breastfeed?

Technically, the answer is “yes.” Men and women, after all, start off much the same in utero. That’s why men have nipples. Men do have milk ducts and some mammary tissue. Whether a man can produce enough milk to sustain an infant is unclear. Some male mammals do lactate. The Dayak fruit bat definitely lactates. Occasionally, male goats lactate (it is not clear on exactly what occasions. Perhaps holidays).
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Can You Have an Orgasm While Giving Birth?

If you are like most people, you probably think of orgasms and births as very separate things. One should, ideally, precede the other, but they are not likely to occur simultaneously. People who believe in orgasmic birth call it the “best kept secret” about birth. Orgasmic birth is the idea that the woman can have a sensual birth experience and may even climax when the baby emerges. It’s a completely different approach to the pain management model that currently exists concerning birth. Continue reading