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QOTD: Tell Us Your Bizarre People-At-Work Stories

I had a conversation with a few people last week about “bizarre people at work” situations. These are the best stories on earth because they are cathartic for everyone involved. We get to tell our whacko stories about lazy, strange, rude, incompetent, evil or just plain confusing. We get to read other people’s stories and discover that we are not alone – others are surrounded by the crazy. Continue reading

Fracking Your Way to the American Dream

Hydraulic fracturing and the natural gas that it helps to procure gets a bad rap in lots of circles in the United States and abroad. The process of sending sand to create fissures in shale rock involves lots of chemicals, huge amounts of labor, and extremely expensive equipment. It’s a tough and imperfect industry, but it is one of the last places where the American Dream can be a reality. Continue reading

Singlism Is Real and I Have Experienced it

I am single. In fact, I’ve been single my entire professional career. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that being discriminated against for being single in the professional world has a name, and some academic backing: singlism.

Some will say it’s a myth, that it’s just another symptom of a generation of workers that feels entitled to everything. I know better, because I’ve experienced it first-hand. Continue reading

I Don’t Design for Free – My Work Costs Money

About three years ago, I was at a smallish cocktail party that was being hosted by a friend of a friend. During the course of the small talk over bad hors devours and even worse, a warm Sprite, the conversation turned to professions. Next thing you know I am being drug across the back yard to ‘advise’ the host on what to do with his outdoor living space. I said, sure. Why not? Just give me a few minutes to get my bearings and come back and we’ll talk. He went back to the group inside and that’s when I stripped completely nude. Continue reading