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Five Concrete Steps to Getting Out of Your Life Rut and Meeting Someone

There’s a time in your twenties when you’re out of college and working but not quite into full blown 401k worrying and yelling at kids on your lawn adulthood. This can be a time when a person really accelerates their life or gets bogged down in a rut. Based on personal experience here are the five concrete (though not necessarily easy) steps to getting out of that rut. Though these are focused on the menfolk, because that’s where my experience is, they would apply to the ladies to some extent if the pronouns were switched. Continue reading

What Not to Say to Someone after a Breakup

220px-Broken_heart.svgYour friend, your cousin, your boss, your next-door-neighbor has just suffered one of the commonest calamities of life: being dumped. Do you say anything? And if so, what do you say?

As many times as you’ve heard and read and learned that “I’m sorry” is always okay and always welcome, it feels somehow inadequate. Well, here’s the thing, nothing you can say is truly adequate. That is why it can be so difficult to say anything at all. But we try, oh do we try. And often, we screw up. Continue reading

Do Women Really Have it Easier on OkCupid?


Men and their OKCupid plight has been a churning topic in the blogosphere for the last couple of days. Well, that, and this other weird email the website sent out in honor of today’s end of the world day which asks if you want to die alone, which seems like a sad, sad statement about singledom that we’ll just leave right there. But we’ll say that for all of us marrieds out there, there may be a certain level of bafflement when it comes to the online dating world and how men and women fare in it. Groups of so-called nice guys are adamant that they’re not getting a fair shake. Is that true? And if so, what should they be mindful of? Continue reading

Should You Try Mobile Dating?

Oh, technology. There’s so much of it to go around. Our smartphones are practically on their way to being able to launch missiles. (No one tell us if smartphones can already launch missiles.) So why can’t we use them to launch an impromptu date? Well, you certainly can, silly. You can order up a date much like a pizza. Didn’t know that did you? Well, now you do. Mobile dating. The first step in securing a random hookup based on such aesthetics as appearance and liking the same coffee house — or in short — an “orchestrated serendipitous but not really meeting.” Yay? Continue reading

17 Crazy and Creative Ways to Ask for a Date

When I first ran across this handy guide by Barbara Seegmiller in a used bookstore a year ago, I fell in love with its kooky vintage greatness, for it is certainly creative and fun-loving and by following its rules you’ll definitely get…results. Published in 1986 with help from the English Department of Brigham Young University, it features a stern lecture from the then Associate Dean of BYU on the pitfalls of boredom in youth and boy does it deliver.

Packed with over 300 suggestions by the young in Seegmiller’s community on how to win over that special someone, CWtAfaD undulates wildly between the endearingly corny bad puns/clean cut fun of the ‘80s (i.e. “Give the person a pillow and with a note that says ‘Jane, I’d like you to go to the ___ with me. SLEEP ON IT, and then let me know!’”) and the clinically insane. Continue reading

Dissecting Girls’ “Adam” and the Prevalence of the Typical “Loser Boyfriend”

Oh, geez. Adam. If you’re going to create a winning television villain, why not make him as unlikable as possible, but with enough agog incredulity and cringe-inducing hyper-realism that you just can’t look away. Adam is this punchable, unavoidable being and we love to hate him. Or maybe we just hate him. Continue reading