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Five Concrete Steps to Getting Out of Your Life Rut and Meeting Someone

There’s a time in your twenties when you’re out of college and working but not quite into full blown 401k worrying and yelling at kids on your lawn adulthood. This can be a time when a person really accelerates their life or gets bogged down in a rut. Based on personal experience here are the five concrete (though not necessarily easy) steps to getting out of that rut. Though these are focused on the menfolk, because that’s where my experience is, they would apply to the ladies to some extent if the pronouns were switched. Continue reading


While traveling home from my trip, I was unfortunate enough to sit in front of a mother/son duo who happened to be planning the son’s bar mitzvah.  The son was acting like Spaulding from Caddyshack, he was discussing his desperate “wants and needs” for the celebration after the ceremony.  His mother, in utter exasperation, finally shouted at him the equivalent of “You will get nothing and like it.”  She lamented that she wished her son would spend more time and energy in preparing for the ceremony rather than the magicians, sushi bar, 14 piece band and the rest of party’s entertainment he was demanding. His response was to say, “Why do you want to make me so unhappy?!” Continue reading

Fashion Advice: How Do You Layer for Cold Weather and Still Look Cute?

Bear with me, here. I’m going to need a little bit of sympathy and understanding from you, fellow Crasstalkers, because some of you might hate me for the next few things I’m going to say. Particularly those of you who live in places where it gets cold. I live in sunny Southern California and I freak out and need a jacket when it’s 60 degrees outside. I am a baby when it comes to weather. There are probably babies that are better equipped to deal with it, emotionally. I understand all of these things. I apologize. Continue reading

Attachment. Could You Be Too Attached to It?

As I have mentioned before, Bots has kindly suggested that I cross post blog entries from from time to time. Here is our most recent entry.:

Trust me. I'm Daisy Sage.

This lovely letter comes from our reader, Cosmic Debris.

Dear Daisy,

I think your blog and your advice are delightfully thoughtful and helpful. I so enjoyed the always genius George Carlin, and your essay on how much crap we allow on the lawn of our life is thought provoking in such a fun way! Continue reading

Crass Advice: Daisy Sage Says

Tell Daisy all about it, darling.

As I have mentioned before, Bots has kindly suggested that I cross post blog entries from from time to time. Here is our most recent entry.:

Dear friends,

Hurrah! Just when I was thinking I’d better come up with some fake reader questions; (For instance, fake someone would write in and ask  anxiously if they really have to stop wearing their white patent leather pants after Labor Day. My fake response would be: “Why did you wear them before Labor Day?  And more importantly how?”) we have been sent our first real, actual reader advice request!

This comes to us from our friend who goes by the Interwebz name of Turdhurdler. Continue reading

How to Deal with a Quarter-Life Crisis

Maybe you’re in your mid-twenties and you’ve just discovered that you don’t really like becoming an adult, and all of your friends have moved away for grad school, and you feel kind of aimless. Apparently, that feeling is not just nostalgia for when you could wear pajamas, drink all day and watch cartoons. It’s got a name (and Wikipedia page): quarter-life crisis. Continue reading

How Much Crap Will You Allow on the Lawn of Your Life?

Bots has kindly invited me to crosspost articles from my blog .
Here is my latest post. Please drop by my site sometime, and write to [email protected] to be included in the upcoming advice column, “Ask Daisy Sage”.

I took this photo some time this past February or March I think, when I was taking my daily walk in the general environs of my home.

Don't hold back; tell us how you really feel.

I think what made me want a record of this charming little wooden sign was not only its daring dual meaning expression of hostility, ( did the writer literally merely mean dog crap, or metaphorical crap or both?), followed by the polite “Thank you” but the fact that as I walked down the street, and then turned the corner, I discovered 5 IDENTICAL SIGNS in front of other houses. This was no mere whim; this was an anti-crap campaign.

Before the “Tired of your crap” campaign ended, I saw one more sign on someone’s lawn. It said “Please keep your dog off my grass.” The author decided to forego the “tired of your crap” bit. It was written on a flimsy piece of cardboard instead of wood. It could easily have dissolved under the next batch of precipitation. Continue reading