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Coming Attractions: Gwyneth Paltrow Bites the Big One, Teeny, Tiny Violins are Played

I’m beginning to think Steven Soderbergh and Matt Damon have a very Johnny Depp and Tim Burton type of relationship…this is disturbing. No, seriously, they usually work pretty well together and produce decent films, Matt Damon with his steely angst, his smart man’s smart man acting, and Soderbergh’s penchant for getting most every A-list actor in recent memory to sign on for one of his grand sprawling opuses usually dealing with polarizing topics such as drugs, espionage, government secrets, or making Andy Garcia’s veins protrude from his forehead as he runs a casino. Ensembles that come together for one common cause is kind of Soderbergh’s thing. And Contagion is no exception.

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How Not to be a Jerk at Comic-Con

Comic-Con how-to guides for what to see and where to go abound.  A lot of them will give you great advice for food, clothing, sights and sounds. This is not that kind of guide.

You see, one of the things people never address is the behavior of some of the convention goers.  The vast majority of the people at Comic-Con are excited fans and are genuinely enthusiastic about the presentations given. Continue reading

The Cult of Westvleteren and the World’s Most Sought-After Beer

It’s not easy to buy a case of Westvleteren 12, the world’s most prized beer (and according to many experts, the world’s best-tasting). It costs only 28 Euros but it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You could have your own oil-rich principality in Middle East or a few million shares of Google stock and the brewers of Westvleteren wouldn’t ship any to you.

The brewers of Westvleteren are actually a group of Trappist monks from the St. Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren, Belgium. And they don’t give a shit how bad you want their beer.

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Social Media and Public Works: Los Angeles’ Carmageddon Public Information Campaign

Apparently Hitler drives a Prius.

The 405 freeway is an important artery in Los Angeles, and is one of the main ways of connecting the Westside to the Valley. There isn’t a train or bus route that effectively duplicates the route that the 405 takes, so shutting down the freeway for a weekend to demolish the Mulholland Drive Bridge as part of a highway widening project was considered a big deal for the residents of those neighborhoods.  The build-up to the closing of the 405 was heralded by a massive public information campaign that could basically be summed up as “do not drive to the Westside on the weekend of July 16-17, because it will literally be hell on earth.” Granted, if Los Angeles, and particularly the Westside, were more multi-modal, the need for mass panic probably wouldn’t exist. It still would be a big deal but people wouldn’t be urged to just hide in their homes and barricade their doors. However, the information still needed to be disseminated. Continue reading