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Coming Attractions: Gone Girl

Ben Affleck’s chin isn’t lying about murdering his wife.

The bestseller turned motion picture is one of the most highly anticipated films of the fall season. That may be because Gone Girl, the book, was the kind of smartly written thriller that gave us complex characters with personalities that were equal parts deplorable and beguiling. There were no saints here. Everyone showcased their fair share of human stain and it was riveting. What it all boiled down to was a matter of figuring out which person was capable of the more heinous acts, and which was merely a victim of circumstance. And what, in the case of Gone Girl, that really meant.
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Michael Bay Has Made Us Terrified of Robot-Themed Movies

“Hey, dudes, look! I’ve photobombed my own stupid crap!”

So, you’re all set and jazzed to see what capable director Guillermo Del Toro will offer us all with his new stunner of a film, Pacific Rim. And it’s a kind of a big deal, because he backed out of The Hobbit, to make this sci-fi battle monster zone movie, and it could maybe pay off, since the early reviews of The Hobbit have left some dismayed and perhaps crying sullenly in their homemade Shire made out of balloons — but then you remember what Michael Bay has done to the robot movie genre and now you’re full of trepidation, fear, and hatred! Continue reading

Coming Attractions: Could Compliance Be the Most Uncomfortably, Unexplainably Brilliant Movie Ever Made?

Opening today, indie film, Compliance is generating buzz for possibly being one of the most disturbing, but telling films ever made. It is so deeply unsettling, The Huffington Post reports that during a screening at least ten women, one of which yelled “Give me a f*cking break” at the screen, walked out. Continue reading

Coming Attractions: An All-Star Cast Gets a Little Untouchable in Gangster Squad

The ubiquitous gangster movie. Now, we’ve seen this done before, whether as a serious crime drama, as classic noir, or as a bit of slapstick and tongue-in-cheek, take 1990’s Dick Tracy starring Warren Beatty for example. The challenge of today’s gangster/mob film is to make it just as entertaining as it is ballsy. Continue reading

Coming Attractions: Channing Tatum Attempts Dialogue While Stripping in Magic Mike

Oh, hot, throbbing, muscle cakes. The Channing Tatum Mouth Garbling-Stripper-Chest Nipple-Steak-And-Ab-Sweat-Lick-Moat movie trailer is here! Are you excited? Should you be excited? Well, that depends. How much do you care about Channing’s climb from stripper to what, a furniture maker? Uh, an inexplicable Hollywood star? Er, uh, a walking, gyrating, pot roast of sex dimples and cake frosted ass cheeks? Continue reading