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Facebook’s New Organic Reach is Screwing Nonprofits, What are the Options for Digital Activists?

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Recently Facebook has radically altered the way that organization pages reach their followers. This is big trouble for nonprofits and activist groups that rely on the platform to reach supporters and organize action campaigns.

This isn’t news for folks who run activist or nonprofit pages, the changes have been rolling out for a while. However, in the last few weeks post reach has been reduced dramatically, creating a crisis for many organizations that have spent a lot of time, effort, and yes, money, building big communities on Facebook. What the hell is going on? Continue reading

Implicit Outings on Facebook – The Paths of Marriage Series

websiteheader_nowavailable2_smallThis is the final post of the series that examines topics from the perspective of the characters in the upcoming novel, The Paths of Marriage which will be for sale starting 1 October 2014.

“The Implicit Outings of Facebook” is written from the point of view of the character, Deepa Deva.

Why hello there!

I’ve been on Facebook for a decade. Yes, a decade. Considering social media companies have used Facebook as the beacon of all things new age tech company is a total a mind boggler; when did it become standard that a company about ten years old has one of the longest histories in one of the most lucrative industries in the world? Continue reading

Paula Deen’s Supporters Take to Food Network’s Facebook Page; Hilarity Ensues


For those of you living under a rock for the last 72 hours or so, you may be unaware that the Food Network has fired Paula Deen for admitting during a deposition to making racist and anti-Semetic jokes, using the N-word, and planning an Antebellum Southern Plantation-style wedding.

Paula Deen has many fans, and they have taken to Food Network’s Facebook page to protest Paula’s firing. Their comments are hilariously awful. These are their stories. Continue reading

Web Diving: “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me!” Weknowwhatyouredoing.com Confirms It

“And I have no privacy, whoa-oh-oh.” Well, yes, this is true for some of you. Callum Haywood’s experiment called weknowwhatyouredoing.com makes that abundantly clear. Know who can see when you tell your Facebook buddies that you hate your boss, are hungover, smoked some cheeba, or got a new phone number? Everyone! All the time! Everywhere! Continue reading

Libraries Are Saving Your Tweets and Facebook Statuses

Ever think that Tweet or Facebook status or Crasstalk comment is just going out into the webosphere void to be swallowed up and eventually forgotten? In most cases we pray for this after a night of drunken internet ramblings. Or do you ever think you are just wasting your time writing into this void that gives you so little in return? Well fear not! You can now rest assured that many libraries are on the job making sure that your contribution to the “social memory” of our times is being preserved for future generations! Continue reading

QOTD: Do You Use The Facebook?

 Facebook was first introduced in February 2004; it’s hard for some of us to imagine a time when Facebook wasn’t a part of our morning routine.

First it was exclusive to college students, then it was for high schoolers, and then anyone could join. Ugh! You can thank Zuck for the resulting and endless fiddling with your Facebook privacy settings so Mom and Aunt Lori don’t see your drunk beer funneling pictures from college. Also, I’d like to personally thank Mr. Zuckerburg for my Facebook statuses coming up at Christmas dinner. Duly noted was my excessive use of the word fuck.

Continue reading

Ten Truly Horrible Facebook Pages

Facebook is ubiquitous. Even your grammy has had an account for two years and the site has become a standard staple in any marketing plan. Of course, it is this widespread use that makes Facebook so damn handy. You can find a FaceBook page for any interest or group, no matter how obscure.

However, this also means that there are some sick fucks and general jack asses who also populate the Facebook universe. Stupidity, bigotry, bad taste; Facebook has it all. I am going to spare you the chore of searching for it yourself, and give you a sampling of some of the worst Facebook has to offer. Continue reading