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Happy May Day, You Dirty Commies

Today is International Workers’ Day, where the fascists of the world unite in oppressing the 1% by forming unions and buying crack with their welfare check. F’real. I read it on Drudge Report and I hear Rush Limbaugh is dedicating a whole hour to it today.

Let’s take a page out of the GOP playbook by making false equivalencies regarding socialism, fascism, and communism coming to a United States government near you! Continue reading

Help Mitt Get Buzz

We all know by now that President Obama is an unAmerican communist, socialist, marxist, nazi, muslim, race baiting radical. An elitist who has shaken hands with, hugged, bowed to, and/or stood in the same room with every enemy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that his corrupt, whore-chasing secret service guard can find for him. Born in Kenya, educated in Indonesia, indoctrinated by the liberal Illuminati who were grooming him for his eventual rise to power and the destruction of the American Way, his destiny was sealed as the ink dried on his fake birth certificate. Oh, and he has eaten dog. Continue reading