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Saturday Night Drive-In

Happy Saturday! It’s been a while since we have done a Saturday night movie so tonight I have a special treat courtesy of the Internet Archives. This is The Legend of Boggy Creek, a classic horror docudrama from 1972. The movie examines the legend about a swamp monster in rural Arkansas. The movie has appearances by a number of the locals who had claimed to see the monster and also contains reenactments of alleged encounters with the creature. It’s actually pretty damn creepy. The movie is an obvious inspiration for later horror movies, most notably The Blair Witch Project. The movie spawned four sequels including one that was so good it was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.


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Monday Night Open Thread

Well hello gang. Thanks for sticking with us today. I am going to repost this from The Beloved Leader’s message last night:

Dear Crasstalk Nation,

As Crasstalk has grown in popularity and the level of engagement you guys have with the site has grown, so have our costs associated with running this place. Currently we’re making a series of huge improvements that will make the site better than ever.

You can help us out. If you love Crasstalk as much as we do, please consider making a donation to our site fund. Our Paypal address is [email protected]. We’re not asking for much, and any amount of money helps!

In the meantime, Bens, Dogs, GrandInquisitor and I are working hard on a series of major improvements to the site.

OK, now here’s some fun stuff to watch to get your evening started.

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Is the Denver Airport the Center of an International Conspiracy?

Most Americans are probably familiar with a number of popular conspiracy theories about how the government and global elites are somehow plotting against us. It is a multi-million dollar industry in this country to scare the beejesus out of everyone by invoking the government boogeyman.

For God's sake, panic!

The theories are as diverse as America itself. It can be Freemasons (classic), The United Nations (trendy), or lizard people (incoherent). However, the general theme is always the same. A group of elites are reforming the global power structure to make a naked grab for power and enslave and/or kill us all. This is called the New World Order, and once it is in place you will be sent to a FEMA camp with your family because you believe in Jesus and work for a living. Michelle Bachman will not protect you.

However, the details are often vague about how these elites operate and many questions are left unanswered. Who are these elites? Why do they have this insatiable blood-lust? Why do they hate decent, God-fearing people? Where do they operate from?

Fortunately, the Internet’s conspiracy detectives have found the answer to the last question. The homicidal global super-elite, who have the resources to base themselves anywhere in the world, have chosen the Denver International Airport as their home base for world domination. Why? Well, why not? I don’t know, I guess NORAD is nearby. Look, that’s not important right now! We must keep up the panic.

Anyway here is the gist of the theory. The Denver airport is actually the top level of a giant and secret military installation that will be used to imprison those who resist the NWO and to stage military operations in the US. The proof is that the there are tunnels under the airport that will be used for these purposes (the tunnels are actually used to move baggage). Additionally, there are cryptic words like Dzit Dit Gaii embedded in the floor of the airport that are clearly code for the elites (they are Navajo words for places in Colorado). Finally, there are these really freaky murals in the airport that are clearly an allegorical representation about what will happen when the NWO comes (actually it is just crappy, hippy art).

Only someone from Boulder would think this is a good mural for an airport

Anyway, I will let you see the evidence (?) for yourself. Thank God that the global elites don’t know about You Tube or we would all be doomed.


This guy has more of a Christian take on it, but he is way more entertaining than the other nuts. He actually refers to himself as The Third Eagle of The Apocalypse. Now that’s a user name!

Is Your Power Meter Trying to Kill You?

Last month the California Public Utilities Commission issued a ruling that limited the powers of Pacific Gas and Electric in dictating the kinds of technology customers were required to have in their home. At issue were Smart Meters, a digital monitoring technology that allows the PG&E to more accurately monitor gas and electricity usage and reduce the need for manual meter readings. The utility company has already installed  thousands of the meters in Northern California, and plans to roll out thousands more over the next few years. PG&E claims that the meters will be more efficient than traditional meters and will allow for more sensitive pricing which will increase efficiency in energy use. Now because of the ruling, PG&E must offer different metering alternatives for customers who do not want smart meters.

However, critics argue that the meters are a health hazard and violate customer privacy. Opponents of the meters assert that the meters cause headaches, heart problems, insomnia, and nausea because of the communication technology used to transmit data from the home to the power company. Smart meters are wireless devices that emit small amounts of electromagnetic radiation when they transmit. This raises protests from people who consider themselves “electrosensitive.”  According to advocacy groups for the electrosensitive, radio and microwaves, even in trace amounts, cause certain people to become ill when exposed to technology like smart meters.

However, the problem with these arguments is that smart meters have been found to be well with in guidelines for safe usage in homes and businesses. While there are legitimate concerns about wireless technology (particularly cell phones), there has been no conclusive evidence that wireless technology is unsafe in any way. The issues found with cell phones are only when the phones are within centimeters of the brain and smart meters are installed on the exterior of buildings, well away from where people keep their brains.  Furthermore, there is simply no evidence that electrosensitivity exists at all. While opponents of smart meters provide anecdotal evidence, there is simply no science to back up the claim that radio waves make you sick.

The conflict over smart meters is nothing new. It is the same fear advanced by opponents to radio and cell phone towers, as well as electric power lines. There is no evidence that any of those things make you sick either, but that has not stopped opposition from the public to these forms of technology. The reality is that the concerns of a few misinformed but well-meaning people are stopping the universal adoption of smarter energy policy. These efforts may be crucial in our struggle to make efficient energy policies and reduce the impacts of global climate change, which could kill lots of people through increased skin cancer rates, decreased food production, or geographic displacement. In a desire to stay personally healthy these individuals may not be able to see the technology forests for the trees, and may be missing the long term risks of bad energy practices. While PG&E has no choice to accommodate its customers, this issue underscores the need for a wider public discussion about emerging technologies and about what constitutes good public science and policy.


Saturday Night Movie Open Thread

Well good evening gang. Hope you have had a wonderful day. A quick reminder that there will be a writer’s workshop around 5 PM EST tomorrow night. Hopefully we can come up with some great stuff for the next month.

Tonight’s movie is 1965’s Bloody Pit of Horror. It involves a creepy castle, models, and a mysterious figure known as The Crimson Executioner. It’s badness is simply elegant. Hope you enjoy it.

Have a great night.