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Sad Old Hate-Machine Newt Gingrich Charging for Pictures and Cutting Staff

By this point in the evening you godless liberals have likely already been made aware that Newt Gingrich is making the curious move of charging the few followers he still has $50 for the privilege of being photographed with him. That’s not the only change taking place around under the large rocks from which Gingrich HQ operates. See, Newt is a True Conservative, and knows that one can’t just address a budgetary issue through raising revenues. There must also be cuts to wasteful, inefficient programs, which is the perfect allegory for Newt’s entire campaign. Continue reading

Blind Items!

1) This Academy Award winning actor is nice and genial until he gets some booze in him. In his drunk state, he sexually assaulted this foreign born A-list actress and broke up a marriage by beating a B-List actress.  He also has to pay his current significant other to appear with him and one of his children is a product of forced sex. In addition, he is a repeat customer of many rehab facilities but studios still pay him to act in their films. One time on set, he tried to assault another Academy Award winner but she was able to fight him off with the help of her significant other which delayed shooting for a week while he recovered from the beating. Read the full blind at CDAN. Continue reading

My Favorite Rapper Right Now is a Fat Albanian


I can’t believe I’m saying this but the hottest rapper in the world right now might actually be an Albanian from Queens named Action Bronson. He’s shaped like a bowling ball, with a fat, goofy face and red hair. He frequently gets called “the white Rick Ross” (based purely on his appearance, not his sound). His voice happens to sound disturbingly similar to Ghostface’s and he also happens to be a trained chef who regularly rhymes about prosciutto and shit.

Bronson’s been putting in steady work over the past couple years but his new mixtape “Blue Chips,” which sprung from a marathon studio session with the producer Party Supplies, has been getting a ton of attention since it came out last week. Continue reading