Blind Items!

1) This Academy Award winning actor is nice and genial until he gets some booze in him. In his drunk state, he sexually assaulted this foreign born A-list actress and broke up a marriage by beating a B-List actress.  He also has to pay his current significant other to appear with him and one of his children is a product of forced sex. In addition, he is a repeat customer of many rehab facilities but studios still pay him to act in their films. One time on set, he tried to assault another Academy Award winner but she was able to fight him off with the help of her significant other which delayed shooting for a week while he recovered from the beating. Read the full blind at CDAN.

2)This actor has a steady role in a very popular television show on cable that is getting a lot of buzz after starting its next season. He isn’t one of the main characters, but is in almost every episode. He was seen at a club this winter making out with a very famous, troubled starlet. [Buzz Photo]

3) Which actress has financed her own company and kept herself living the high life by blackmailing many of her former suitors. She wrecked marriages, made sex tapes, and took these two actors for all she could (about $11 million dollars). Her total haul over the course of her blackmailing career stands at $20 million. Read the full post at CDAN.

4) Which star is posturing to the tabloids about an upcoming marriage? Sure, it’s to his beard and sure, she might not know the full extent of his dalliances with his same sex lovers but will he go through with it? Read more at E!Online.

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