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On the Cover of a Magazine: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 7

“Colored girl, why yo base look like chalk?” Well played, Milan. A funny spin on Ru’s lyrics is a light and memorable way to exit the show. You’re the first one to do this right. Chad said she loved Milan, that she was class act. For the most part, yes. I’m still disappointed that Milan didn’t compete as strongly as it seemed she would. Willam asks Jiggly if she thinks she’ll win the show. Crickets. Oookay then. Hit the jump, and let’s dish. Continue reading

Welcome Back, Willam: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 6

The remaining queens enter the workroom and circle Kenya’s clothes hangers like vultures circling a carcass in the desert. Kenya has scribbled on the mirror in lipstick: “Phi Phi, I love you. Sisters forever.” Gross, Kenya. I think even less of you now. Phi Phi has a sad because her best friend is gone. Awww, Phi Phi has feefees. Isn’t that sweet? No. No, it is not. Phi Phi mentions that Milan has sent both Puerto Rican queens home. “You’re never going to be in West Side Story again. Not even a touring production, bitch,” Willam says. Welcome back, you funny bitch. I have missed this side of Willam. Milan says she’s not going to compromise. Hm. This feels familiar. Hit the jump, and let’s dish on last night’s episode. Continue reading

The Snatch Game! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 5

When the queens enter the workroom, Willam immediately claims Madame’s hangers. Madame La Queer has scrawled on the mirror in lipstick: “Chad, Sharon, Milan, Dita = True Friends.” Awww that’s sweet, Madame. It’s a shame you spelled your friend DiDa’s name wrong. Willam says she doesn’t care. Willam, NO1CURR. “It’s a new day,” says Milan. Latrice is feeling good about her win: “America’s next drag superstar will be a big bitch!” As long as she’s you, Latrice, I am all for this. Okay, let’s see what else went down during last night’s episode! Continue reading

Take No Prisoners: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 4

“This is only the beginning. Much love, The Princess,” reads the lipstick on the mirror. Whut? Points for using an altered RuPaul lyric, I guess. DiDa wipes the message away, explaining that she was angry that the judges weren’t seeing her for her. She says she channeled that anger into her lip-synch. Twitter was aflame last week with people praising her lip-synch, but I still feel it was way too over-the-top. Chad asks Sharon how she’s feeling about her second win. “I’m proud of myself. I showed up here thinking I’d probably be the first one home,” Ms. Needles answers. Phi Phi looks on with full stankface.
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