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5 Crazy Items You Can Buy on Wanelo

I personally dislike shopping for routine things I need. Whenever payday rolls around I think “Sure, I should probably get my oil changed and restock my Swiffer supply, but I really love this constellation globe and those strappy green wedges would look great with some Moroccan pink nail polish. I need them!” I’m usually able to reign it in and take care of the things I need first, but if I were to let my id run wild and shop free of inhibition I couldn’t think of a better place to browse than the online shopping search engine Wanelo. Check out just a sample of what’s in store to blow your money on: Continue reading

Things to Know about Toronto in Case Romney Wins

By LaZiguezon and TS

Americans, tomorrow’s election results may very well be the moment you decide to move to Canadaland permanently. Of course, we will probably reject your application since “unilingual underemployed and heavily indebted bleeding heart Liberal” seems to secure very little leverage on our points-based immigration application. Nonetheless, if a few of you are lucky enough to garner TS’s or my love, you may have a stronger chance. So sit back and get to know an “off the beaten path” version of your new city, Toronto. Continue reading

Dolls Are Going Rogue, A New American Nightmare

As the gift-giving season draws near, we can just assume that many parents may be a bit stumped by what to get their kids for the holidays. The toy industry has decided to up the stakes by introducing dolls that are just so lifelike it’s almost frightening. Seriously, the things toys can do and say nowadays — simply amazing. But some dolls out there have parents covering their child’s eyes and ears.

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Gap Closing a Third of all US Stores

Today Gap announced that they are closing one third of their U.S. stores to focus on international growth. Folks, you might have to get those flat front chinos somewhere else. Or maybe you already are and that’s why they have to close all these stores. Shoppers are abandoning Gap’s classic looks for stores with trendier options. The chain expects to remove nearly one million square feet from its Old Navy stores by the end of fiscal year 2013 as well. No word on whether Gap’s upscale store, Banana Republic, will be affected by store closings. Continue reading