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Will Peter Wells’ Scathing Review of Guy Fieri’s New Restaurant Fall on Deaf Ears?

New York Times restaurant reviewer, Peter Wells, lobbed what may be one of the most succinct and snarky take downs of any restaurant in recent memory. Well, at least one that’s owned by a famous television food-show personality. But to the masses that enjoy Guy Fieri’s on-screen persona and sloppy sandwich hijinks on his popular Food Network programs Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy’s Big Bite will it really matter? Continue reading

Things to Know about Toronto in Case Romney Wins

By LaZiguezon and TS

Americans, tomorrow’s election results may very well be the moment you decide to move to Canadaland permanently. Of course, we will probably reject your application since “unilingual underemployed and heavily indebted bleeding heart Liberal” seems to secure very little leverage on our points-based immigration application. Nonetheless, if a few of you are lucky enough to garner TS’s or my love, you may have a stronger chance. So sit back and get to know an “off the beaten path” version of your new city, Toronto. Continue reading

Recession Affecting Fine Dining Establishments

I’m about ready to pack my bags and join the Occupy Wall Street protests because it is hitting home now. Yeah, I got laid off a couple of years ago and my unemployment ran out ages ago. Whatever. Today was the day I began to weep for America. No matter that large companies are failing right and left – today, Casa Bonita, a Denver cultural icon, is in jeopardy. The parent company has filed for bankruptcy protection. I know this will devastate scores of Denver residents, most of all my brother-in-law John. Seldom has a man loved a restaurant as much as John loves Casa Bonita. Continue reading

Where Would You Take Ferran Adrià for Dinner?

In the first scenes of the movie El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, Ferran Adrià, the master behind the famous Catalonian restaurant, is sucking on a fluorescent lollipop. Immersed in darkness, he opens his mouth and closes it, opens, then closes, each time exposing the inside of his mouth which glows with the same eerie light. The scene continues long enough that one is left wondering, what the hell is that? Adrià is considered to be one of the founding fathers of molecular gastronomy, using science to create modern works of haute cuisine art. So, one waits as if trying to find out how a magic trick is performed. The answer: proteins from a Japanese fluorescent fish.

Continue reading