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QOTD: Your Ex Wants to Apologize

Today in the Washington Post, there was an article by Carolyn Hax addressing a debate by a couple of friends on whether or not it is beneficial for an ex to apologize for past transgressions. One friend said that it was rather arrogant of the ex and was only to clear his conscience. The other friend said that it might help bring closure to a bad breakup.

What do you think? Is it helpful to the person wronged? Does it let both people get past the relationship? What if a lot of time had passed? Personally, I don’t think there is one answer to this but it would be an interesting debate.

(Photo via Flickr: Woodley Wonderworks)

Tips and Tricks for New York City’s Citi Bike and Starting to Bike in Your City

As someone who has lived in NYC for most of her life, I never ever thought it possible that the city might start becoming friendlier towards bikers, nay, even promoting biking as a viable transportation option.

On May 27th, New York joined the ranks of many other biking cities in the world by initiating the largest bike share program in the nation, Citi Bike. A program which has been highly successful in Montreal, Washington DC, Boston, Melbourne, AU, and other cities with more soon to launch. Finally, this was a totalitarian overreach by Mayor Mike and the powerful bike lobby I could get behind. Or, you know, ride. And, since its inception, the biker population has really exploded, it seems, with Citi Bikers and non – a development I am very happy about if somehow eventually it means less cars. Continue reading

Crassercise: Five Songs For The Gym

Hey kids. Celebrate good times ’cause it has been the longest-ass short week everrrr. I know you are all asking yourself, why the FUCK do I have to get up this morning it’s Sa……..NO ….*big sulk*. Get your lazy ass up and get out there and go do some 30-minute miles (or whatever they say). Here is some inspiration for you to get out there. NOW GO!!!

AND WHEN YOU COME BACK POST SOME OF YOUR OWN DAMN SONGS. *Pleeeeeease* pretty pink wink!!! Do I need to offer um, favors? Here is what is moving me this week: Continue reading

Crassercise: Five Songs For The Gym

In light of the pending doom of the Midwest and East Coast today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some more meditative songs. Stuff you can just zone out to or do yoga or whatever. Also, very nice for drinking wine and watching the snowflakes go by. Enjoy! Also, as always, please post your suggestions. You guys have been posting some awesome stuff and my gym list has been growing exponentially (which was my goal). Thank you very very much! Continue reading

Crassercise: 5 Songs for the Gym

¡Buenas días, chicos! Here are another five videos for your booty-shaking workouts. This week we’re going to float you some songs for your zumba routine, perfect for toning up and brushing up on your Spanish. Because we’re all about multi-tasking at Crassercise. So let’s get to it while YouTube hasn’t monetized this column out of existence. Also, as always please post your own favorite gym songs. People want your recommendations! ¡Muévanse! Continue reading