Five Fun Local Holiday Market Finds

As I’m sipping my dark chocolate orange tea that I got at the holiday market from the nice, attractive French man last week, I remembered I had picked up a few ideas for gifts that I thought I’d share with you all.

Dark Choco Orange Black Tea from Spices and Tease

Spices and Tease: First, the tea. OH. MY GOD is it good. In New York City, I’m not sure if this is a new phenomenon but there are lots of vendors selling teas and spices in large bowls and you just have the vendor scoop in the desired amount into a nice metal tin. I totally love this. There are usually so many amazing choices and I finally succumbed and bought some with these guys. My tea is very nicely flavored, not too overpowering with notes of chocolate, orange, and cardamom. It’s sweet without a sugary taste. Check them out!

Mini OgoDisk from OgoSport

OgoSport: The next stop on my journey took me to this fun toy that is great for kids and adults. A soft, mesh fabric is stretched over a plastic ring which are used to bounce the ball back and forth. Fun! I thought they were attractive and I’m always for something that doesn’t involve a computer or a screen. I also love that this toy is made by local New York designers who went to Pratt Institute of Design. In their words, “We design active play for all ages.”

Cruet La Mancha from NYCruets

NYCruets: Another gift for the foodie in your life. These beautiful cruets are hand-blown glass with two compartments for oil and vinegar. Reminiscent of those really wonderful grappa bottles, these are sure to be a hit. (Note: It seems they haven’t gotten their store up and running yet. You should probably contact them directly if you find something you’re interested in. They aren’t extremely expensive. The ones I was looking at were around $50. So it’s worth checking out).

Single Wick Double Decker from GK Candle Rocks

 GK Candle Rocks: While wandering around a Long Island market this autumn, I happened upon these wonderful candles. They are all handmade from found rocks. They are perched upon a small glass bowl which is attached underneath and you fill the candle with paraffin via the included tiny funnel. Honestly, when I first saw them, I wasn’t bowled over by the unlit candles. But when I saw them lit up, they really are a surreal melding of elemental materials. I love the concept and each piece is completely unique. Ok, these guys are so local, they don’t even have a navigational site up (yet!). BUT, I would recommend contacting them through Facebook, which I’ve linked to. There you can see some of their stunning work.

Nio Dead Sea Products

Nio bath and body products: In all of the holiday markets, there are always really great bath lotions, gels and scrubs that are made from materials from the Dead Sea. These materials have been found by many studies to benefit the skin and I really like the Dead Sea products that I have previously gotten. So, now it’s time for a complementary hand scrub in one of three scents: Jasmine, Milk & Honey, and Lavendar. After I lathered them up, the vendor poured water over my hands into the basin and I dried them. I would definitely pick these up if I were giving any bath and body-type stuff this year. My hands felt much softer and more hydrated

SO,..  All of these gifts can be gotten for under &75.00. Most, well below. If you have any ideas, please share! Let’s support small business!

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