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The Challenge: Free Agents Pre-Cap

Ok, get your “is this show still on?” jokes out of the way now, because yes, yes, it is. And EthologyNerd and I will be here all season to recap all the episodes. But I know you either don’t watch or haven’t watched in several years, so I’m going to give you a little background/insight to what this season will be about. Continue reading

Someone Knew You Were Waiting for a Reality Show Called, “All My Babies’ Mamas”


Since we haven’t Honey Boo Booed ourselves into a coma yet, something called “All My Babies’ Mamas” is reportedly on its way to the Oxygen network. This sounds like a recipe for disaster heretofore unmatched by the television gods who keep the airwaves full of noxious human beings who have developed their own niche of “Agog Viewership.” Yup, if you’ve gone about your daily lives never contemplating some crazy random thing’s potential abhorrent ripeness for television fodder — believe that someone else has. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Pre-Finale

Project Runway pre-finaleWelp, it is Episode 13 kids, the lucky one that decides who REALLY is in Fashion Week (besides all of the other ones that have already done a show). Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio and Melissa are going and we are too. One will be eliminated before the finale.  Any predictions? Will Melissa send down a runway of clothing in black? Will Dmitry decide he’s had enough of this silliness and just accio principatus? Will Fabio be able to finally afford a real hat? So many questions. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 11 Liveblog

Project Runway Episode 11Good evening, kiddies! And by kiddies, I mean that literally. Kids. Guess what tonight’s challenge is about? Ever more shameless self promotion Designing for Heidi’s new line of kids’ clothing. According to the previews even designing for babies, somehow the designers seem to not be able to entirely cover their asses just like their models. At least babies wear diapers. (Or do they?) So let’s see who’s #1 this week in the Lifetime polls … aaand it is no contest: Elena is still at 42, up one point from last time. She probably took away our venemous buddha’s point because she’s such a jerk. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 9 Liveblog

Project Runway Alicia Says ByeOk kids, gather ’round. This week we don’t have any conventions to distract us but I’m not all that sure it’s a good thing. I just suffered through last week’s episode, which seemed to drag on FOR-EVAH. I should have caught it with you all. Braids is out and we keep trudging on. And, Elena still is #1 in the user favorite polls (41%). Are there any of these people that we’re excited to see in Fashion Week? Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 7 Liveblog

Elena – Project Runway¡Ay dios mio! Is it that time again? Jeezus. Ok well, welcome to this week’s liveblog and it promises to be as overwrought as the horrorfest that was FR Ven last week. This time, it’s psychotic breakdowns for everyone so make sure you’ve got a stiff drink nearby ’cause you’ll probably need it to get through this. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 6 Liveblog

Well, Crassers, we’re whittling down the sewtestants. We saw Raoul come back and get booted again, and we saw Elena begin to lose her marbles in the weirdest way. Anyway, what’s up tonight? Apparently, the designers have to “create new looks for women who have just gotten new hairstyles.” Actually, this is the “real woman challenge,” so we’re going to be treated to many comments about how awful it is to design for women who aren’t a size 0. Join us in the comments as we snark and drink and snark some more!
(image from Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 5 Liveblog

Welcome, Crasstestants, to Episode 5 of our weekly fashion extravaganza. Last week our challenge was for the Woman-On-The-Go. One woman contestant  took it literally and escaped under the cover of night. Not to be outdone, Male Gilly – our hair model – decided he wanted to go his own way as well.

So, what’s up on the docket for this week? Another exciting team challenge! Cue ensuing bedlam. Nina Garcia is going to have her hand in this one so let’s see if anyone incurs her wrath. Continue reading