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Project Runway Season 11 Episode 12 Live Blog

project-runway-26Oh, hai, fashionistas and connoisseurs of “reality” television! We still have three episode of Project Runway left? This season is a lot like that old friend who comes to visit for a weekend and makes you feel every torturous minute of it. Won’t you go home, season 11 Project Runway?

Well, the remaining sewtestants (no one got booted last week, quelle surprise) are off to different parts of the globe (read: Europe) to be “inspired” by the same landmarks and tourist destinations that you saw when you went on that study abroad trip during college. Don’t ask me how they’re going to stretch this out into next week and the week after. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 10 Live Blog

project-runway-26Darlings, we are at it again! Sadly, there were no hot men to help us through the wretched excess that is this season of Project Runway.

Last week, the challenge demanded the designers produce ready-to-wear looks for Lord & Taylor. The winning design will be featured by Lord & Taylor and sold for way more than it’s actually worth! Of course, you know what that means…

Michelle won. Again. I hate everything.

Well, we’re at episode 10, and I’m pretty sure that the producers have demanded that the drama quotient be upped significantly. Let us snark in the comments! Continue reading

Smash Season 2 Episode 8 “The Bells and Whistles” Liveblog


Ok, folks. Here we go. The second-to-last Smash live blog. I love to hate watch this show, but not enough to stay home on Saturday night to watch it live. This episode is called “The Bells and Whistles.” I’m sure it’s about Gay Kyle and Jimmy Who joining a boys choir. Or begging for change on the street. Or aliens. Hell, it’s probably all three.

See ya in the comments! Continue reading

Smash Liveblog Season 2 Episode 7 “Musical Chairs”


Another Tuesday, another shitty episode of this shitty TV show. Turns out NBC has finally figured out what we’ve known about this show all along and has decided to move it to Saturdays starting April 6. So we’ve got this week and then next to suffer through this together. The show’s showrunner, Josh  Safran says the season finale will also be the series finale. (h/t to DottieB for the info.)

Anywho – this week’s episode is called “Musical Chairs.” I’m sure it’s about Jimmy Who going to IKEA to pick out some new furniture for his apartment. Continue reading

It’s the Britta of Timelines Community Season 4 Episode 2 Live Blog

Gillian_Jacobs_at_PaleyFestYou didn’t think every Community episode was going to be really good, did you?  Oct 19th was like finding out you got socks instead of toys for Xmas or going to bed with Annie and waking up with Pierce.  It wasn’t what Community fans wanted, hoped or dare I say, expected.  After rewatching the episode, I noticed that it could have been a good one, but there was something seriously off.  Maybe it was first day jitters?  Maybe it was that the new show runners have a different idea?  Or it was the worst The Big Bang Theory parody ever?  Yet, here we are ready for Round Two of the Post Dan Harmon era.

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