QOTD: What’s Your Reality TV Show Connection?

ITHM: I know people on reality TV. What’s your reality TV show connection?

Noticing that my friends* on Facebook were liking a new reality TV show, Growing Up Gold Coast, I clicked on the link and checked out the cast. The first few girls seemed like your typical Long Island girls – the nasal accent, a penchant for Pinnacle vodka, and a lifetime membership to the tanning bed. Until I realized that I recognized not one, but two of the cast members of Growing Up Gold Coast. As I kept digging, I recognized restaurants and bars in the very town I drink in most weekends being featured. More amusing? Growing Up Gold Coast is going to be on Lifetime Women – only available on Verizon Fios. What do the majority of Long Island cable viewers have? Cablevision.

*Friends not being myactualfriends, but people who have friended me on Facebook.

So fess up, don’t leave me here with my nonstop laughter (because my head is sore from all the head-desking)! What’s your reality TV show connection?

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