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MareeStelle gave you seventeen predatory psychotic methods to ask for a date.

Dürer’s Rhino stirred your mindstew with Ten Photos. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here and his review of The Dark Knight Rises is here. BadKarma asked to see the reason for your smrtnss in PhotoPhriday. A Piece of the Continent selected The Fog of War for another edition of Crass at the Movies.


Lucky recommended some videos. DogsofWar reminded you that positive thinking will not stop hot coals from burning your feet. DontMakeMe told you about the exciting new field of sorority rush consultancy.


Allgoodpeople showed you how to turn your bicycle into a station wagon. In Recipe Sunday, Launie K. taught you how to make grilled chicken cafreal with tomatoes and potatoes. Homoviper hosted the Breaking Bad open thread.


Maxichamp wrote a guide to Central Asian embassies. Homoviper hosted the Breaking Bad post-mortem. FYI, MonkeyBiz wants you to know that videogames do not make people murderers. Miss Anita Manbadly got her gun. HereSheIsBoys took a close look at the United States’ right to bear arms. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Cunning_Linguist showed you the five best telenovela faces from Sunday night’s True Blood. In the OT, you dealt with Intense Debate’s fuckery the best way you knew how.


DogsOfWar advised Comcast customers on how to get dem breakneck interweb speedz and later analyzed the presidential candidates’ search engine optimization. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Jarrod’s blind items are here. Meanwhile in the OT, this happened.

One of you imagined the outcome of a date.

And one of you received some exciting news.


Dancing_Queen initiated a new Super Squats Challenge. Dürer’s Rhino asked which Olympians you’d like to have the sex with. Ross continued his series of way too early NFL previews. GtCosita showed you that Chik-Fil-A is just the worst. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Boredcoworker handed out class superlatives to 1980s pop culture figures. Clarity83 told you about one Chicago Alderman who plans to stop Chik-Fil-A from bringing their deep fried bigotry to his area. Jarrod’s blind items are here. Knight of the Burning River told you about an Aurora shooting survivor who has already begun the process of suing everyone he could possibly sue. Fucker. GI graciously gave you a Top Chef Masturbators open thread.


Cunning_Linguist showed you how to make your lips look fuller. Bbqcornnuts asked for your 50 Shades of Suck pet peeves. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Jason told you that everyone is basically fine with politicians being a bunch of lying liars. CaptainSnarky hosted a Project Runway liveblog.


Dancing_Queen hosted an Olympics opening day open thread. Bots marked the 100th anniversary of Motorcyclist. Momof3 talked about changes in the Olympics. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Dürer’s Rhino kneaded your braindough with Ten Photos.


RMoney went abroad this week to spread his cyborg herpes and impress non-Amurricans with his pretty hurr and vacant smile. He also proceeded to charge full speed ahead through a series of gaffes and blunders. When one RMoney adviser told The Telegraph, “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage. . .The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have,” one Crasstalker expressed the WTFness of the situation best. I give you your Comment of the Week.

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