Olympics Opening Day Open Thread

It’s finally here! The greatest world spectacle to come along every four years (let’s be honest, the Winter Olympics kinda suck) – the Summer Olympics. While the details of the Opening Ceremony have been kept under wraps as is typical, the Brits have promised a very British affair, one that keeps in mind that the global economy is in the pooper. I hope that’s code for David Beckham getting a really small outfit to wear.

A highlight is always the parade of nations, where we get to learn remember all those teeny tiny countries and see each nation’s hotties and flag bearers, a position typically given to an athlete of special significance. For the United States, sabre fencer Mariel Zagunis will be carrying the flag whilst wearing this preppy atrocity. For the host country, track cyclist Chris Hoy has the honor.

While we wait for the Opening Ceremonies to start at 6:30 p.m. your time, there will be soccer/futbol airing. Let’s also look back on how China kicked every other Opening Ceremonies’ ass in 2008. It was awe-inspiring and breathtaking with a touch of terror in its overwhelmingly perfect coordination.


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