COW Bloody COW

Help me, Rhonda. You were a prickly bunch this week, Crasstalkers. So much strife. So much angst. So much of it over a movie most of you haven’t even seen. What is wrong with you? Good grief. Your one saving grace is that you never lose your sense of humor, no matter how dark it gets in here. Hit the jump, and let’s retrace your week’s journey.

On Saturday GI hosted a Code Year study hall. Not all of you jumped in enthusiastically.

There was more GOP debating for Cletar to recap, if you can believe it. CaptainSnarky hosted a liveblog of the screwball comedy, Drew Peterson: Untouchable. Later that night, Bots got your booty bouncing with his Booty Call Mix.

On Sunday, Launie K. posted an interview with the Duffy Hill Farmers and shared a recipe. Miss Anita Manbadly had some good news about TV manufacturing jobs, and Princess Lala told you that your light bulbs are going to kill you. La Zig gave you another great Abandoned Places post, and GI hosted a football liveblog.

On Monday, Cletar reported on the South Carolina primary results. Jarrod and Homoviper gave their Oscar nomination predictions. Tunamelt linked you to a historical slideshow of nail art. The week was still fresh, optimistic, full of potential. Tchotchke taught Black Flag 101, and Homoviper got you acquainted with the contestants of RuPual’s Drag Race‘s 4th season. The GOP continued to insert itself into your daily lives.

Tuesday saw the announcement of the Oscar nominations. Bbqcornnuts gave you some food for thought regarding parenting off the grid, and Newsbunny laid down the law about being right/reliable vs. being first in the news biz. Lauren told you about the Sarah Palin/Chris Christie sissy slap fight. Cletar recapped yet another GOP debate, which got you thinking about Republicans of yore:

Lauren got you arguing (again) about cilantro, and you liveblogged the State of the Union address. Meanwhile, in the OT, you welcomed Jzbl refugee pedantic_oyster to Crasstalk in typical fashion:

Elsewhere, Spiggy got day-drunk and wondered how she should pass the time. Luckily Queen was right there with a suggestion:

Crasstalk exploded on Wednesday. The OT became a minefield in the war over The Help, and nobody was safe. It wasn’t all gnashing teeth and claw marks though; The Help got you thinking about Oscar winners in general:

Elsewhere, Newsbunny defended Steven Tyler’s right to shriek the National Anthem. Rowen recapped another episode of child abuse horror show, Dance Moms. Houckster6 dished on what Paula Deen is really like, and Miss Anita Manbadly let you know that Sean Pean is definitely not Robert Smith. Later in the OT, Jarrod made the mistake of asking you what his new surname should be:

On Thursday you assessed the damage from Wednesday in the OT and fought some more, this time about consensual…commenting. Miss Anita prompted you to write some six word stories, and Misslinda gave us this gem:

Miss Anita also asked for your funny book recommendations. Bots taught Moombahton 101, Tunamelt introduced you to Artist Trading Cards and Lauren asked what name should be given to retired hipsters. Homoviper wondered if Essence was doing enough by awarding Octavia Spencer a ‘Breakthrough Award,’ and Miss Anita talked up Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720. Lauren gave us a preview of this year’s Superbowl Ads. GI hosted another GOP debate liveblog, and Cunning_Linguist hosted the Project Runway All Stars liveblog.

It wasn’t until this morning in the OT, Crasstalkers, that SixThirty brought you full circle with his epic retort to Blackball. I present you your COW:

Well done, everyone.

Until next week.



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