Microsoft Throws Gamers A Clue About New Console

Hey nerds! Gaming nerds! Yes, I do mean you. Put down the controller for a second and check this out.

You know Microsoft’s beloved popular gaming platform, the Xbox 360, yes? Of course you do. Well, what do you know about the Xbox 720, my friend?

Here’s the biz — rumors, anyway. The Xbox 720’s raw graphics processing power is expected to be six times that of the current-generation Xbox 360, and about one quintiddily jillion times better than the forthcoming Wii U. Wii U. Seriously. Who wants to call up their friend and say “Hey, shank it on down here, let’s play with my weeooo.” Anyone? Yep, thought so. Back to the new Xbox – the display specs are tantalizing. Multi-display, 3D, 1080p resolution.

On the “sad horns” side of the house, there’s a rumor going around that this new console would simply reject used games. No going to Game Stop and buying a used disc, no more GameTap game disc rentals, either. You buy a license to play a game and you spend the same as everyone else. Oh, and no taking a disc over to your friend’s house, because once you play the game, that disc is tied to your console.

What else? Component production is already underway, but the new console is not scheduled to be launched until some time in mid to late 2013. Units are being produced now and handed to developers, so new games will be available when the console is ready for consumers some time next year.

Save ya pennies, kids! You’re gonna need ’em!

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