Liveblogging “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”

Ready, set, victimize!

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s Lifetime, Television For Women giving us movies that seem to feature women in various kinds of peril. Take a look at their Saturday or Sunday schedule. It’s full of movies like “Date With Darkness” or “The Craigslist Killer.” Basically, the Ladyparts Network has become the Law and Order: Special Victimized Women’s Unit. How fortuitous that murdering douchebag Drew Peterson was able to give this network ample fodder for a “world” premiere movie. Even more fortuitous is that Rob Lowe (yes, that Rob Lowe) and that girl from “The Big Bang Theory” (no, not Blossom) are in this soon-to-be classic exploration of bad moviemaking! Huzzah!

Anyway, sit down, pour a giant glass of whatever adult beverage you have handy and let’s mock this movie for all it’s worth! The fun begins at 9:00PM Eastern and Pacific, 7:00PM Central. They don’t care about Mountain time.

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