GOP Debate Open Thread: How Much Can America Endure?

For those of you keeping score at home this is the 19th GOP Primary Debate. Just in case there is some unpleasant aspect of the candidates’ personalities you missed, CNN is giving you another chance to see what terrible human beings are vying for the most powerful job in the world. My head hurts. Drinking Rules:

  • Character Issue-1 Drink
  • Boots on the Ground-1 Drink, preferably tequila or Tecate
  • Super Pac-Pour one out for democracy
  • GMLICCKNA*-2 Drinks
  • Crony Capitalism-1/2 Drink. The other half goes to a useless plutocrat
  • Saul Alinsky-1 Bong hit. Fucking hippies.

OK, get your bottles and try to suspend your disbelief. This is the best we got America.

*Gratuitous Mention of Local Issue that Candidate Clearly Knows Nothing About


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