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Weekend Box Office: The Hangover Part II Parties Like it Was 1999 2009

Well, you wake up with the monkey on your back, the hair of the dog somewhere in your throat, and oddly you’re wet…inexplicably.  Sounds to most of us like you’ve just had a Hangover experience! Now run around frantically waving your arms and screaming at the heavens. This will help.

Not really. But at least there are a few guys who know exactly how you feel…and they’re running this town tonight. Continue reading

Who Should Take Over at Ohio State?

If there’s any question about the dominant sport in America, consider this: On the day the NBA Finals begin and the eve of Stanley Cup Finals game 1, sports pages are consumed with a college football head coaching position. On June 1. Almost three months before the 2011 season begins. Such is life in big-time college football, and Ohio State is about as big-time as it gets. Continue reading

QOTD: Are You a Karaoke Star?

Some of us, whether we should or not, sing outside of the confines and privacy of our shower. No longer are we singing into the mirror, hairbrush in hand, dreams of winning a Grammy fully in tact. No. We venture out into the night, sufficiently lubricated with liquid courage and seize the mic to belt out the song we would normally reserve for that long, solo car trip. Continue reading

Divorce: The End of the Beginning?

It took her only 24 hours. 24 hours to turn our lives upside down and change everything. 24 hours to wipe the whole slate clean.

My mother had recovered fairly quickly from the divorce. At least to the point that she was able to function in day to day life and put forth a brave face for her daughter, who, incidentally, did not recover quite as quickly, nor really understood exactly what had happened to their family. Continue reading