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Johnny “JFF” Manziel’s Slow Descent into Madness

Johnny Manziel is a legend and he’s 20 years old. In his opening season with Texas A&M last year, he lead the team to an epic win over Alabama during the season, demolished Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, and capped off the season as the first freshman Heisman trophy winner.

Manziel is a hero around Aggieland and all over the country, but just being an athlete isn’t what makes you a legend. The guy rolls around town with multiple fake IDs in case one gets taken up. He could have spent the offseason training and working in his game, but fuck that noise, then he’d just be another quarterback. Manziel is anything but just another quarterback, he’s Johnny F’n Football. Continue reading

ESPN Host Says Robert “RG3” Griffin III Not Really Black

First Take, a generally awful ESPN program hosted by Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, was discussing Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III aka RG3. RG3 is a black quarterback, so that is automatically a story for the sports media. So much so that RG3 keeps getting asked about his blackness during press conferences. Here’s how he handled the question of being a black QB in DC during his last presser: Continue reading

The Rundown – NFL Week 13

TrophyFor the last quarter of the season The Rundown will be switching to Sunday mornings in a blatant attempt to spur conversation. I’ll be doing a preview of some of the most important match ups of the week instead of doing a review of the previous week’s action. See what I did there? I added a “p”. Mr. and Mrs. Ross are still making picks and while Thursday’s wasn’t posted you will have to take my word for it we both picked the Broncos. Anyway, on to The Rundown. Continue reading

NFL 2012 – Week Seven Run-Down

TrophyWeek 7 is in the books and the most interesting thing I’ve heard was a late bit of news that the Chargers got busted by a ref in their epic loss to the Broncos for cheating. Apparently they were using Stickum, which was banned in 1981. I guess when they put on those throwback powder blue uniforms they decided to play with a few of the throwback rules. Expect fines and a possible loss of draft picks when the punishment is handed down by the league office. “Rampaging” Roger Goodell is probably still smarting from giving up power in Bounty Gate to Tagliabue. On to week 7! Continue reading