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Life, Death and Violence: A Study of May 11

Little birds, while researching today’s article, we came across some shocking news. Barbie™, everyone’s favorite doll, was, at one time, an SS Hauptsturmführer known as The Butcher of Lyon. She tortured men, women, and children (we assume this is why Kelly™ always looks like she’s afraid of something despite living the glamorous life of a plastic doll in Los Angeles) through electroshock and forcing them to have sex with dogs. That’s right. Everyone’s favorite Special Education Teacher/Paratrooper/Pet Stylist is a murderer who was put on trial for her war crimes today in 1987. We assume she was declared innocent (though, clearly, she wasn’t) as she became President of the United States in 2000, stealing Hilary Clinton’s glory after a previous failed attempt in 1992. Perhaps her crimes were still in the memories of our nation’s peoples. Perhaps that’s why she lost to the nation’s First Black President™, Billiam Clinton.

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Honest Movie Advertising

The 2011 summer movie season is poised to give audiences big doses of all the usual fare: early Oscar hopefulness, R-rated laughs, and tentpole excess. What if film advertisers told the truth? What might the posters for the summer’s biggest releases look like? Website theshiznit.co.uk has the answer to that question.

You can find the full gallery of images here.