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Liquid Eyeliner For The Masses

Is there any makeup look more universally coveted (and universally failed) than the glamorous cat-eye? When I see a woman with a perfectly sculpted flipped liner end, I feel simultaneously awed, jealous, congratulatory, humbled, and pretty much every other feeling imaginable. After ordering to-go lattes several days in a row at a small, conveniently-located Italian restaurant, I couldn’t help myself. “Your makeup is beautiful. I just can’t do it and I’ve given up ages ago. Is it hard to do?” The barista smiled (that polite bitch had perfectly dewy skin and an infuriatingly radiant smile) and said, “It’s really easy for me now. I’ve been doing it pretty much every day since I was 14.” Continue reading

The Five Best Telenovela Faces in Last Night’s True Blood

What’s this? Has True Blood truly given us a sweet and poignant moment of young, confused female friendship–young women just trying to make their way in a crazy world while being overcome with hormones they just don’t understand and can barely control? Babes wearing a lot of eye shadow and  in camaraderie in the face of an everlasting youth and an urge to drink human bodies dry of their their very life? Continue reading