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Biblical Male Erectile Dysfunction Insurance Coverage and Prescription Guide

All of the media attention goes to female birth control because the Biblical stance on ladies is solid, but what about male erectile dysfunction (ED) medication like Cialis and Viagra? What are the Biblical implications of allowing those pills to be covered on company provided insurance or for Christian doctors who want to prescribe ED treatment in good faith?

This guide will help companies and doctors of good morals uphold Christian values. Continue reading

We Live in a World Where Your Teens May Plot to Drug You


Oh, thought you were so clever there parents, didn’t you? Yup. You sure did. You thought that you’d find a way to utilize your teens’ penchant for all their technological devices and still get them to do those mundane things like walk the dog, take out the trash, empty the dishwasher and such, eh? You fools! Teens these days have just upped the ante. They’ve decided to just out and out drug you to gain even more access to the things that matter most in their lives — using the internet. We’re doomed. Continue reading

Blue Ivy Probably The Least Happy About Kate and Will’s Happy News

(William brushing the dirt off? Lulz) Oh, sure she is. There’s got to be some way to inject some Americanism into the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a little monarch, right? There’s probably no better way than to submit that America’s little bundles of baby pseudo-monarchy are probably giving this whole Royal Baby nonsense the empirical side eye that it rightly deserves, yes? Yes. Continue reading

Your Child Is a Human Shaped Security Blanket

If you’ve been out in public during the past ten years you may have noticed that there are few “adult” domains dotting our landscape. I don’t refer to the “Live” “Nude” Times Square of decades past. I refer instead to any and everywhere. The stroller set has infiltrated your local coffee shop and bar (hey after a long day playing in a sanitized million dollar soft-edged heat-proof playground, you’d need a stiff drink too.) Restaurants whose white tablecloths and staggering bills once signaled and adult oasis, now have nuggets of processed foods on the menu (because after all small children do enjoy fine dining they just don’t enjoy actual food.) No doubt much of the free-range high pitched squealing you experience (in restaurants, bars or Holocaust memorial museums) is mostly due to a parent not wanting to deny themselves anything of their pre-parenting life. It would seem that some people skipped the “What to EXPECT when you’re expecting” chapter. Life should continue unaltered save for many more accessories. Continue reading

How to Get Back at Annoying Parents

Ah, annoying parents. We are everywhere and we often forget that the world does not revolve around our special snowflakes. We can drive even the most tolerant among us to drink. To even the playing field, I will let you in on a secret: It is ridiculously easy to get revenge on us. You just have to know a few secrets. I will tell you a few in the hopes that you are more tolerant of me the next time I start yapping about how precious my snowflakes are. Continue reading

The Baby-Raising Advice Assault

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Any new parent can tell you that the village certainly seems to think so. When you have children, people come out of the woodwork to offer you unsolicited and often, unhelpful advice.

It starts when you are pregnant. The first thing I remember is someone telling me to spend the money on a high-end digital thermometer. That’s actually not bad advice as babies are squirmy especially when they are sick. Those thermometers are fast and are certainly better than the mercury thermometers that were around when I was a child. They took forever and were next to impossible to read. Continue reading

Can You Have an Orgasm While Giving Birth?

If you are like most people, you probably think of orgasms and births as very separate things. One should, ideally, precede the other, but they are not likely to occur simultaneously. People who believe in orgasmic birth call it the “best kept secret” about birth. Orgasmic birth is the idea that the woman can have a sensual birth experience and may even climax when the baby emerges. It’s a completely different approach to the pain management model that currently exists concerning birth. Continue reading