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Kono Pizza: I Tried It For Science

Kono Pizza marketing imageI usually ignore fast food advertising, but I recently got a flier in the mail that grabbed my attention. A new place has opened nearby called Kono Pizza that serves pizza in a cone. Pizza. In a cone. 

New Jersey has some of the country’s best Italian fast food. There’s a mom-and-pop pizzeria in just about every strip mall. You can buy a $2.50 slice or a $14 pie as big as a manhole cover: delicious with a fragrant, firm, yeasty crust that stands up to generous amounts of delicately seasoned marinara and gobs of salty mozzarella, plus whatever toppings you please (unless you’re into freaky things like sweet corn and shrimp. If that’s the case, you can just get on the Turnpike, get off at Newark Airport and fly back to wherever they think that kind of thing is okay). But fast food chains are also ubiquitous, and we have Domino’s and Little Caesars, which has never made any sense to me. So it’s Kono Pizza’s turn to pitch up and give it a try. Okay, why not? Continue reading

You Should Be Less Excited about Cory Booker Becoming a Senator

Barring some sort of freak accident, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a lock to win the Democratic nomination in today’s New Jersey special primary election. And if polls are any indication, he will cruise on to becoming NJ’s next senator, filling the late Frank Lautenberg’s vacant seat. Booker is probably best known for his side job as a local superhero, casually saving women from burning buildings and the like. This has made him a political rockstar with approval ratings floating in high 60s and a massive Twitter following. A young, popular African-American progressive running for Senate—what’s not to like? Plenty! Continue reading

New Jersey Passes Law to Protect Unemployed from Employers

The State of Employment: Too bad suckers! If you don’t have a job already, you’re never going to get one because employers only want the employable and the employable are already employed (but, like, they’ll settle for someone who got laid off on, like, Thursday at the earliest).

“I feel like I am being shunned by our entire society,” said Kelly Wiedemer, 45, an information technology operations analyst who said a recruiter had told her that despite her skill set she would be a “hard sell” because she had been out of work for more than six months.

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