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“Economics of Marine Biology” Community Season 4 Episode 7 Live Blog

Pierce_the_DickishDean Pelton tries to lure a potential rich student (aka whale) to college and he’s enlisted some of Greendale’s favorite human beings (Britta, Annie and Jeff) to help him to the dismay of Pierce Hawthorne aka Pierce the insensitive/Pierce The Dickish/Grandpa The Flatulent. Meanwhile Abed makes a new fraternity (The Timelords of Gallifrey?) and Troy and Shirley take a Phys Ed class.

Sorry about the mix up last week. There was a post ready but I didn’t alert anyone in time.

Last week’s episode wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. You can’t “Chang” a Chang as Chang is still the same crazy ass mad dictator dressed as a Cuban Cab Driver and working with someone (Dean Spreck?) to get back at Greendale.  Jeff became the pariah (again) due to his dickish behavior at trying to uncover what Chang is really up to while Abed’s cameras capture the goings on in all their glory. Continue reading

Picking Your Crass NCAA Bracket for Fun and Profit

Important note: The Grand Inquisitor does not follow college ball, so she is relying on the wisdom of Crassers Past (St. Patrick’s Year) to get you started. You can sign up for Crasstalk Funderdome brackets here. The team password is “indianasucks” (without the quotes).

Today is Christmas wrapped in the Super Bowl surrounded by endless waves of Kentucky Derby roses for gambling professionals, casinos, Hoboken wise guys, and offshore sports books. This is the day when the non-gamblers gamble, the day when grandmas, toddlers, the comatose and Nepalese Sherpas all gather round the television and fill out an NCAA basketball tournament bracket without knowing the difference between Duke and Duquesne or a chance in hell of actually winning the office, school or neighborhood pool.

And the pros –also that skeezy guy from Tech Support who runs this thing every year–are lining up to take your bracket and your money. The only time you’ll hear from them again is through a weekly email between now and Easter showing you and your colleagues just  badly your bracket is progressing. Continue reading

“Cooperative Escapism In Familial Relations” Community Season 4 Episode 5 Live Blog

That's NICE!
Shirley! From Wikipedia Commons

Tonight we get two things never seen before on Community.  The first one is Shirley’s home life as most of the Study Group go to Shirley’s Thanksgiving (complete with Theo Huxtable, I hope) and the other is meet Jeff’s loser of a dad played by Mr Streisand, James Brolin.

Thanksgiving (more specifically, US American Thanksgiving) has been a sitcom staple and from the description it continues with Community as Shirley’s thanksgiving goes pear shaped and the gang plots their escape.  My personal favorite Thanksgiving episodes are WKRP’s famous Turkey Drop episode and The League’s season 3 episode which ended with viewers gazing into the “vinegar strokes” of Jeff Goldblum.

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“Alternative History of the German Invasion” Community Season 4 Episode 4 Live Blog

Joel McHale From Wiki Commons

Here we are for Episode 4. The gang finally goes back to class and find themselves in with a tough prof (Malcolm McDowell, who really should be teaching Roman history) and with the obnoxious Foosball loving “power Krauts” from Season 3.  I’m assuming that Nick Kroll aka Rodney “Please Call Me” Ruxin from The League will be among them.  Also Chang returns to the dismay of Dean Pelton.

Last week’s episode was an awkward 2 way threesome between Abed, Troy and Abed’s Nigerian Banker buddy (Matt Lawson) and Abed, Troy and Britta.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible like the Season opener was so there was that going for it. Continue reading

Why I’m Running Away With the Cat Circus

ShadyCatsI’m thirty years old. I get blind drunk once a week because I’m too poor to do it more often. I frequently don’t wear real pants for weeks at a time. Some days the only conversation I have is with my dog.

I’m not just single but divorced and still fuming and sniveling inside about my last relationship. I keep reactivating my OkCupid account, trolling for some kind of unicorn-man to fix me, despite having no car, living with my father, and working fifteen hours a week tending bar at a pizza restaurant.

I like the Cobra Starship song “Hot Mess,” because I relate to it at a visceral level.

I am whatever the opposite is of having one’s shit together. Continue reading

“Conventions of Space and Time” Community Season 4 Episode 3 Live Blog

Donald_Glover_at_PaleyFest2Here we are in episode 3. The “study” group is off to an Inspector Spacetime Convention with the usual or unusual hijinks. One of these days we might see Study Room F again.

I liked last week’s episode. The one thing I enjoy about the Community Halloween episodes are the costume choices. I love that the writers always put Shirley in unexpected costumes, that Britta always gets an unflattering yet cute costume and Trobed match theirs.

Questions I had from last week’s episode: Continue reading

It’s the Britta of Timelines Community Season 4 Episode 2 Live Blog

Gillian_Jacobs_at_PaleyFestYou didn’t think every Community episode was going to be really good, did you?  Oct 19th was like finding out you got socks instead of toys for Xmas or going to bed with Annie and waking up with Pierce.  It wasn’t what Community fans wanted, hoped or dare I say, expected.  After rewatching the episode, I noticed that it could have been a good one, but there was something seriously off.  Maybe it was first day jitters?  Maybe it was that the new show runners have a different idea?  Or it was the worst The Big Bang Theory parody ever?  Yet, here we are ready for Round Two of the Post Dan Harmon era.

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