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It’s the Britta of Timelines Community Season 4 Episode 2 Live Blog

Gillian_Jacobs_at_PaleyFestYou didn’t think every Community episode was going to be really good, did you?  Oct 19th was like finding out you got socks instead of toys for Xmas or going to bed with Annie and waking up with Pierce.  It wasn’t what Community fans wanted, hoped or dare I say, expected.  After rewatching the episode, I noticed that it could have been a good one, but there was something seriously off.  Maybe it was first day jitters?  Maybe it was that the new show runners have a different idea?  Or it was the worst The Big Bang Theory parody ever?  Yet, here we are ready for Round Two of the Post Dan Harmon era.

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Welcome to the Dreamtorium. It’s October 19th! Season 4 Episode 1: A Community Liveblog

If the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor
Community: Animal House

When we last left our favorite Greendale Community College students, some were finishing up Biology 101 and their 3rd year while Trobed was dealing with separation anxiety.  Now it’s the Jeff Winger Study group’s senior year with the same gang minus the not so dead Star-Burns and creator Dan Harmon. Continue reading