“Alternative History of the German Invasion” Community Season 4 Episode 4 Live Blog

Joel McHale From Wiki Commons

Here we are for Episode 4. The gang finally goes back to class and find themselves in with a tough prof (Malcolm McDowell, who really should be teaching Roman history) and with the obnoxious Foosball loving “power Krauts” from Season 3.  I’m assuming that Nick Kroll aka Rodney “Please Call Me” Ruxin from The League will be among them.  Also Chang returns to the dismay of Dean Pelton.

Last week’s episode was an awkward 2 way threesome between Abed, Troy and Abed’s Nigerian Banker buddy (Matt Lawson) and Abed, Troy and Britta.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible like the Season opener was so there was that going for it.

I enjoyed the tag with Luke Perry and Jennie Garth as the US American Doctor Inspector Spacetime and his trusty side kick, Leggy Blond Tennis Player.  Pierce did his best to Britta the Inspector, but I’m pretty sure he did better than Fox did with their US American version of the Inspector Spacetime “ripoff”, Dr Who.

So let’s begin and laugh (better be some laughs.)

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