“Cooperative Escapism In Familial Relations” Community Season 4 Episode 5 Live Blog

That's NICE!
Shirley! From Wikipedia Commons

Tonight we get two things never seen before on Community.  The first one is Shirley’s home life as most of the Study Group go to Shirley’s Thanksgiving (complete with Theo Huxtable, I hope) and the other is meet Jeff’s loser of a dad played by Mr Streisand, James Brolin.

Thanksgiving (more specifically, US American Thanksgiving) has been a sitcom staple and from the description it continues with Community as Shirley’s thanksgiving goes pear shaped and the gang plots their escape.  My personal favorite Thanksgiving episodes are WKRP’s famous Turkey Drop episode and The League’s season 3 episode which ended with viewers gazing into the “vinegar strokes” of Jeff Goldblum.

I actually liked last week’s episode because I am a history nerd.  The episode took a look at the history axiom of “one man’s hero is another man’s war criminal” as the study group was oblivious to the fact they were viewed as the bad guys by the rest of Greendale.

So here we go.  Eight more episodes to go as we watch the adventures of the Greendale Study Group.


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